I’m Ash,

A lover of all things creative, exciting and a passionate explorer of the Earth.

My blog is a place for myself and like-minded readers to discuss and read about what intrigues and inspires us about certain aspects of every-day life as a young female adult.

This particular time in a woman’s life is crucial, she is discovering herself, figuring out what she enjoys in her day to day life as well as making creative and ambitious plans for her future. My aim here is to share my experiences, thoughts and ideas about certain aspects of life and to create a community of young female readers who can learn, empathise and be inspired to grow into the successful and wonderful women they are destined to be.


Winner of ‘Up & Comer’ Category in the 2017 Miss FQ Influencer Awards

Winner of ‘Travel’ Category in the 2018 Miss FQ Influencer Awards

Placed #15 in Feedspots Top 25 New Zealand Lifestyle Blogs

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