I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I want to achieve in the next couple of years. Things I wanted to do 5 years ago have changed (like hell will I ever get a tattoo! so not me!) and new things are quickly coming onto my radar as I turn 23 this year, I’m becoming more excited for things like having kids in 4-5 years time and one day renovating a home so that I can work and live in my dream space.

I’m also thinking about what my 5 year plan looks like in terms of my  career, and how I’m going to get myself there.

Life is EXCITING. And I truly don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for it than I am now. There are so many more places I want to travel to, people I want to meet, things I want to learn and to have stupid amounts of fun along the way! I wanted to create this list not only to look back on, but to inspire you guys to start thinking about the things you want to achieve in the next few years, cause we all gotta have goals to achieve, otherwise life would be far too simple, and I will just never ever stand for that.

  • Do a Great White Shark cage dive – this miiiiight be on the cards THIS year.. I know. Sharks are my favourite sea creature though!
  • Visit Africa and do a safari – I want to see BTS of The Lion King
  • Give birth to a beautiful bubba – This probably sounds so lame and obvious but guys I am honestly the most maternal 22 year old you will ever meet. I dream of creating a little human that is half of me and the person I love and then to be able to teach it things and watch them grow up.
  • Pay off my student loan in full – A GIRL CAN DREAM
  • Get married – Again, obvious and lame BUT I’m a total hopeless romantic and can’t wait to commit to a life partner and celebrate it beautifully
  • Inspire more young women to be the best versions of themselves – Grow the blog & my YouTube channel and continue to share my encouragement and experiences with you guys – number one passion.
  • Collaborate with a fashion brand & design my own collection – It pains me how often I see clothing pieces and think “if it was this colour.. it would be better”, “if it was cut slightly differently with different fabric, it would be so much better”. It would be SO fun to create my dream clothing with a brand that I love!
  • Eat only vegetables from my own grown vegetable garden – this just really appeals to me, you’d think it would be for nutritional value but I was just want to watch veggies grow lol
  • Overcome my number one biggest fear: hold a snake – Fuck I don’t want to but my fear is stupid and irrational
  • Buy a sewing machine and make my own clothes – I took Fashion & Textiles at school all the way through NCEA and absolutely loooooved it. Initially wanted to do a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion, so it would be cool to relearn sewing (I’ve probably forgotten, but I made a ball dress in year 12!) and make my own clothes!
  • Apply to be on a fun TV show like The Block or something lol – This would either be SO FUN or such a BAD idea hahaha
  • Ride a hot air balloon – dreamy!
  • Refine my friendship group to true friends only – everyone should have refined their friendship group to amazing people only by the time they’re in their late twenties (at least). No time for mediocre friends!
  • Buy a van and travel around New Zealand in it – Liam and I hired one for 12 days in the South Island and could have easily done it for a few months. We absolutely loved van life!
  • Travel for 6 months straight – On the cards for next year – it’d be cool to be a full time travel blogger for a short while
  • Attend Tomorrowland – I’ve done Coachella, so this is next on the list
  • Do a course on Law of Attraction – I am really into this way of thinking so I’d love to learn more about it
  • Travel to the Maldives – Number one on the travel to-do list at the moment!
  • Speak at a conference about the blogging world in New Zealand – I’d love to share more of my knowledge and experience with the industry
  • Start printing photos and put them into photo albums – I have a fear of losing my digital photos forever, so I just think it would be nice to keep them all in one place!
  • Go on a Crocodile safari in Australia – Holy shit this would be badass
  • Purchase a Chloe Faye handbag – The only designer handbag I would happily drop 3 K on.
  • Get a puppy – A puppy before the baby please! I still can’t decide on what breed I’d want to get but I really love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels OMG SO PRETTY
  • Write a book – this is actually high on the list.
  • Live in a different city – Whether it be Sydney, Melbourne or London, I’d love to do it even for 6 months!
  • Attend the Rugby World Cup overseas – Liam and I are talking Japan!!
  • Buy a house and renovate it – Obviously finance dependant but I just love the idea of recreating a home to fit my families personal wants and needs, how dreamy.
  • See the northern lights in Scandinavia – I went to Iceland a couple of years ago and missed the northern lights, so I want to give it another go in a Scandinavian country like Finland!
  • Make a list of 40 things I want to do before I’m 40 – I wonder how different the list will be?

What do you want to achieve before your 30? or 40? or 60?

Think about it!

Ash x