Let’s be real team, even Kendall Jenner suffers from breakouts but she’s still beautiful.

WE ALL DO! And even though my skin has finally started to sort itself out after years of physically and emotionally painful breakouts, I still get the odd zit at the most convenient of times, usually when I’ve accidentally eaten a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s – dairy breaks me out and makes me feel sick but sometimes… I act up. I’m not perfect!

Easter weekend just came to a conclusion, so of course I woke up on this glorious Tuesday morning with two new friends on my face.. (worth it). Even though my chocolate binge was completely necessary according to the part of me that cheers on any act that exemplifies “just do what makes you happy”, I now have to deal with the spots on my face that will scar for months unless I do something about them.

When it comes to breakouts, I’ve tried everything, so naturally I feel like I do now know what actually works. There are things that you can do to make a zit last forever, and there are things you can do to get rid of them and speed up the healing time within a couple of days.

So, WHAT actually works? What’s the QUICK fix?


Such a famous product, and if you don’t know about it then thank goodness you do now because it’s probably the one product I’m going to tell you about that actually fixes zits overnight. YUP.

It has a high concentration of Salicylic Acid which is a BHA Acid that exfoliates and has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Basically you can imagine how good this shit is for your zits!

If I’ve got one that is suuuuper angry then it might take a few days, but generally when I pop a bit of Drying Lotion on with a cotton tip I will take up the next morning and it’s pretty much nearly gone. No joke.



So, Drying Lotion at night and during the day: Hydrogen Peroxide cream! I use one called Crystaderm First Aid Cream which you can get from Life PharmacyIt pretty much just helps the healing process!


I always find that if I forget to drink water for a day, my skin instantly looks like absolute shit. When I carry a water bottle on me, I noticed my skin looks so much more clear and alive! So I find when I’m breaking out it’s important to keep your skin looking its best (if you have a pimple but your complexion looks great then it’s not as bad, that’s my logic anyway). Also I would assume a high water intake helps the healing process!

Another top tip – it always helps when you have a cute water bottle on you at all times. I am obsessed with my BKR Bottle (You can get them from Mecca!) that the Clinique Team kindly gifted me but here are some other water bottles that I’m obsessed with right now:

Swell Bottle – Calacatta Gold $69

BBBYO Grass Is Greener Bottle $39.95

BBBYO Future Bottle $29.95


We all know this, but we pick at them anyway. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve trained myself to never, ever touch my zits because it creates a fine line between disappearing after three days or making them redder, uglier and end with a totally avoidable scar which I then have to spend 6 months concealing until is disappears. So annoying, so don’t touch them because by doing that you’re injecting them with extra bacteria, that’s why you find that new ones pop up right next to the old ones you’ve been picking at! The worst!


The aim of the game is to dry those bumps out but also look after the skin around them to prevent any bacteria from spreading and creating new bumps, the answer: a detoxifying mask!

I have two favourites, one is super affordable, the other is more expensive but they’re both GREAT.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Purifying Charcoal Mask $24.99

My absolute go-to. After one of my favourite bloggers In The Frow raved about how amazing this product was I knew I needed to try it! The more I started using it, the more I loved it and I kid you not, my zits calm down so much after using this, most noticeably in the morning. It’s just one of those masks that words straight away for me so I think I will forever be re-purchasing it.

It combines 3 different pure clays including Kaolin which is known to absorb excess oil and help purify the skin and shield it from daily environmental pollutants, Montmorillonite which helps to purify and re-balance the skin to help calm down inflammation and redness and Ghassoul, a pure clay that also helps absorb oils that cause irritation, it also helps to brighten and smooth the skin.

Impressive for an affordable mask, I’m telling ya. AND IT WORKS.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque $50

Another detoxifying mask that I love to use around that time of the month. Kiehl’s is a brand that can do no wrong for me when it comes to skincare so I pretty much trust every product they bring out, however this mask is by far my favourite from them! It’s more for cleansing the pores so one of those masks that is better for preventing breakouts from happening, but there’s no harm in a good pore cleanse during a breakout!

It has Amazonian White Clay in it that draws out oil and dirt that clogs pores and has Aloe Vera in it to help soothe which is great for calming down angry zits.

So there you go team, my tried and true tips for getting rid of that pesky spot that pops up just before your first date with the guy you’ve been stalking on Instagram for two months.


Ash xx