First of all.. HOW IS IT NEARLY APRIL? I literally cannot deal with how quickly this year has gone, it’s actually scary.

Second of all, YAY it’s Easter! An excuse to eat my body weight in chocolate aaannnddd a four day weekend. Helllllo! Liam and I are off to Hahei and in celebration of the roadie we are about to embark on, I have compiled a road trip playlist for us that I think you guys also need access too.

Recently all I have been listening to are the likes of Nirvana and Gwen Stefani. Please don’t make me explain because I literally can’t. I’m just having a nostalgic moment for all different corners of the past few decades but I feel like everyone loves a nostalgic moment when it comes to music of any era. I’m obsessed with all the oldies that you probably haven’t listened to in a long, loooong time.

So here it is, I’ve linked the Spotify playlist so you can listen straight away and follow it on your own Spotify accounts for easy access if you’re also heading on a roadie for Easter weekend. I can guarantee you so many of your faves feature and some will certainly give you a good LOL. Just pop it on shuffle and let it surprise you! You’re welcome!

Happy Easter and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Ash xx