It’s officially that time of year again where I start moaning about the fact that it’s too hot to wear my cute new Autumn jacket! YAY!

Haha, for real though. I’m done with Summer (even though we’re heading to Bali in 6 weeks) and I have the most beautiful Autumnwear in my wardrobe staring at me like it’s angry that the current high in Auckland is still 24 degrees. I’m angry too, beautiful faux fur coat! I’m on your team!!!

With trends changing every season at a rate that is near impossible to keep up with, especially when it comes to our bank accounts, I think it’s really important to get your staple pieces sorted at the beginning of each season. When you’ve got the pieces that are beautiful quality, easy to wear and make you feel good, they come together to create a good wardrobe foundation to then be able to build up the rest of the seasons trends from Zara, H&M and whatever other retailer thats good for purchasing those one season only on trend pieces.

So I’m here to help! I’ve got my Autumn staples sorted, so I want to share them with you guys. They’re simple, not crazy expensive but also not too cheap to the point where they’ll look over-worn in a months time. This outfit will make you feel super Autumnal, chic and classy as hell but these pieces are also super transitional, so while we hurry through this awkward summer/autumn transition where the mornings are cold but the afternoons are sweaty AF, this outfit is going to totally roll with it!


What you’ll need:

A lightweight trench, my pick: Witchery Satin Trench $279

Now I love a good coat, but in Auckland it’s just not appropriate to pull one out of a shopping bag until around.. June-ish. So until then, I think it’s best to make do with a light weight trench! The long line style keeps the outfit Autumn appropriate, warm enough to battle those chilly temps but light enough to handle some hot afternoon sun. This satin Witchery piece is absolutely perfect, and I love the satin pink because it makes the trench style chic-casual but also can be dressed up for evening!

A cashmere lightweight sweater, my pick: Max Annabelle Cashmere V Neck Sweater $199

I have to say, the thing I love about Autumn is that we’re able to get away with pretty long sleeve tops, without needing a jacket. Cashmere is my favourite way to luxe it up when it comes to knitwear and I love this piece from Max because it’s so thin! Thin long sleeve knit tops are perfect for early Autumn and are a great layering piece to head into Winter with. I always recommend spending a little extra here for quality because this is the kinda piece you will wear non-top until September!

Girlfriend jeans, my pick: Glassons Mom Jeans $59.99

I must say, I actually wore Girlfriend Jeans all the way through Summer just because I love them SO much, but they truly are the best Summer/Autumn transitional wardrobe staple. It’s still warm enough to get away with the baggy jean before we commit to skinny jeans with ankle boots, so why not take full advantage of it! They’ll keep you warm but also breezy for those random hot afternoons while a glimpse of Summer is still hanging around, plus they’re my favourite flavour of jean at the mo.

Note: The pair I’m wearing from Glassons isn’t available anymore but I have linked another pair that’s super similar!

Backless leather loafers, my pick: Senso Ciara II $284

I have wanted a pair of sexy loafers for as long as I can remember and I know I am late to the party, but as soon as I discovered these babies from Senso I fell in love and never looked back. Quite literally. Backless loafers are PERRRRRFECT for Autumn because your little toesies are kept warm, but they’re so easy to kick off and your footwear look hasn’t committed to Winter yet. I also love the fact that they’re literally slip ons but probably the easiest shoe to wear, like ever. Next to Birkenstocks, of course.

Happy Autumn fashion shopping!

Ash xx