Liam and I are complete and utter Netflix binge watchers. I’m talking like.. a couple of episodes of whatever we happen to be watching at the time per night, then maybe 4-5 episodes over the weekend (if we have no other plans or if the weather has turned to shit of course!). We LOVE following captivating series, learning/bonding with characters, predicting storyline outcomes and the thrill of finding a new show that is nothing less than addictive.

Our current problem is the fact that we are OUT of shows to watch. We literally feel like we’ve delved deep into what the NZ Netflix (pretty average in comparison to the UK/US to be honest) has to offer and we’re now at that point when we are too often wasting our evenings trying to figure out what we should watch next, or accidentally watching something that is painfully tragic (*cough cough Riverdale cough cough* – sorry, unpopular opinion!).

So basically, if you’ve got any GEMS that are completely addictive, has an unpredictable & intelligent story line, please let me know! And for now, here are some shows that you may not have heard of before that are absolutely bloody brilliant.

You’re most welcome!

The Blacklist

This list is in no particular order, apart from this one. This is our number one, absolute FAVOURITE obsession on Netflix. We watched all four seasons faster than we bing watched Game Of Thrones from beginning to end, and that’s really saying something (we love GOT!).

It’s basically about the FBI based in Washington DC and has a case each episode a bit like CSI except it’s completely different to CSI in the way that it’s actually a series with storylines that go through each case episode. It’s honestly the most thrilling, unexpected, emotional and addictive series I have ever watched and I quite literally cannot recommend it enough!


Okay seriously, not enough people know about this show and it’s totally unacceptable! Offspring is a Melbourne based comedy/drama series and captures classic Aussie/Kiwi humour brilliantly. I’m either crying with laughter or crying because one of the characters is going through some tough shit but seriously that’s the proof that this is just one of those programs where every character is fantastic and it’s impossible to not get emotionally invested. I absolutely LOVVVEEEEE it.


I was recommended this from a friend and I am SO GLAD! We’re currently waiting patiently for season two because season one was so awesome but holy crap this show is a complete emotional rollercoaster. It’s super juicy and takes a bit of concentration but if you want something intense, interesting and with a really unique storyline, give Ozark a whirl because we really enjoyed it and finished it within like three days, lol!

The Sinner

First of all, Jessica Biel’s acting is EPIC in this series. Second of all, we found it kinda similar vibes to Ozark so if you’ve seen either of them, you’ll love the love the other one! This one is more of a psychological thriller, quite dark at times but is just one of those shows where you literally cannot turn it off and you need to watch the next episode. 

The Confession Tapes

This is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but every so often we like to watch a confronting, sometimes disturbing docuseries to learn about things that we don’t know much about. The Confession Tapes looks at a different murder case each episode that ends with a guily/non guilty (some people confess to murders they didn’t commit? YA I KNOW) confession via video tape. Great if you’re feeling something dark and juicy on a rainy Sunday! Warning: Do not watch this without your boy or bestie.


We watched this five episode British series last week and loved it! I love anything British but the storyline was so interesting and based around a murder and explores lots of controversies such as gun violence, middle eastern racism, government corruption, and illegal immigration. A REAL GOODIE!

Big Mouth

Polar opposite to everything else I’ve mentioned but quite possibly the most hilarious cartoon I have ever watched. It’s an adult cartoon based on teenagers going through puberty that have to fight every day life at school with these puberty monsters that try to sabotage them.. I know. Lol.

Black Mirror

A popular one but I still find that not enough people know about Black Mirror! Every episode is completely different and explores futuristic devices and ways that technological advancements could effect society in the future. For example, they did an episode in the newest season that is kinda like virtual Tinder where two people will meet and start dating but every relationship has a timer on them that they have the choice to look at, so if they really liked someone but the timer said they only had 2 years to date, they couldn’t date them for any longer, and if they really didn’t get along but the timer said they had to be together for five years, they couldn’t do anything about it and had to stick it out. So you can imagine the twists and turns along the way. So different and intriguing! The kinda series that really gets you thinking.


As the title suggests, the series dives into a different global conspiracy each episode and dives into the juicy gossip that everyone wants to know about! Are aliens real? Did Hitler REALLY commit suicide? Was the US government behind 9/11? You be the judge xoxo

The End Of The F**cking World 

If you enjoy dark humour, you’ll think this show is bloody brilliant. We thought it was hilarious, but again it’s a little bit alternative! Two teens (one thinks he’s a psychopath and the other is just a lost, depressed girl) go on an adventure and end up creating some real trouble for themselves. The vibe completely takes me back to being a moody 14 year old and it’s hilarious!

SO YEAH! Please let me know of anything you’re watching at the moment that you think I’d like, and hopefully Netflix will add some more decent series so that I can do another update in a couple of months time for you guys 🙂 also let me know if you give any of these shows a whirl and what you think of them!


Ash xx