Someone please tell me WHAT is better than a lippy that smells like cake, gives you some sort of plumping cooling sensation and fills your lips with a flattering colour that allows you to channel your inner Kylie Jenner without the needle commitment?


Lip products are undeniably one of my favourite beauty products purely because they are the product that completely changes your makeup look. They’re the product that everyone keeps on them 24/7 (all though I must admit I think I have about four of what I’m about to mention in my handbag at all times, I am ridiculous) and so of course it’s super duper important to find the right lip products that suit you and formulas you enjoy wearing because nobody has time for matte formulas that dry your lips out more than 6 months of accutane ever could!

I have many lippies on rotation right now from sparkly glosses (V important to get the right formula with these ones), to the best nude lipstick I’ve ever been blessed with, to oil formulas that give you the colour yet nourish your lips all at the same time. There’s a bit of a mix, and you’ll probably see a bit of a theme here as I tend to stick to what I know and love, but here we go.

And don’t worry, I’ll mention which ones smell like cake! CAAAAKE.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour in ‘Bare Pink’ $64

I feel like straight off the bat you were probably all wondering what my absolute holy grail obsessed favourite ever ever everrrr nude lipstick is, and well, this is it. Formula, colour and even the bullet shape couldn’t be more perfect for me. With nude lips I always like the shade to be not too brown, not too pink and not tooooo close to my natural skin colour, this shade nails it plus the formula is the most long lasting opaque glossy satin finish I’ve ever come across and I’M OBSESSED. Thank you Bobbi Brown for introducing this wondrous product into my life!!!

MAC Dazzleglass in ‘Goldy Rocks’ $45

CAKE SCENT ALERT. Also, I’m a huge lip gloss junkie but I also don’t have time for gross, sticky, annoying formulas. MAC always nails it in this department but I love a good sparkle and these Dazzleglass formulas literally look like you’ve got diamonds encrusted into your lips. They’re actually also surprisingly hydrating and not sticky in a bad way, so they get the thumbs up from me! I love this shade because all though it pretty much applies (nearly) colour-less, it still gives a super pretty warm tint. Perfect for topping a warm nude or orange lipstick.

L’Oreal X Balmain Colour Riche in ‘Fever’ $24.99

Omg, okay. First of all, PACKAGING. Second of all, what a fab way to introduce some French high fashion into your life AND this shade was quite literally made for me. It’s like the perfect dark burnt orange and ever since I put some dark colour back into my hair I have been obsessed with rocking this shade! It’s also super affordable, tick tick tick.

MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lip Colours $50

When I’m feeling super fun, this is the only lippy I am reaching for. Holographic (but not in a scary way, don’t worry they aren’t too crazy on the lips, just the right amount!), the most INSANE shade range and they even give that tingly cooling feeling on the lips that I absolutely love. This new formula from MAC is absolutely perfect as a fun, evening lip but I’d still rock the shade Twinkle Twink during the day! My other fave shades are Twinkle Twink, Sensory Overload, Pearly Girl & Space Bubble.

Tom Ford Lip Slick in ‘Red Nectar’ $88

When I’m feeling like my lips are a bit dry, a bit sore, needing some TLC buuuut still wanting a pop of colour, the Tom Ford Lip Slick is my answer. I was skeptical when first reading about the formula as I didn’t understand how a coloured oil worked on the lips, but I am so happy to say that I am actually very impressed.

A mix of Jojoba & Coconut oil, these lip slicks feel so nourishing and beautiful when applied. My favourite thing about them is how moisturising they are, in a way that actually sinks into your lips, it’s not the kind of formula that gets licked away straight after its been applied (like I initially I thought it would) which is absolutely amazing plus the tint is quite subtle so it’s just perfect for a moisturising every-day not trying but also trying kinda lip look!

Oh and they smell like cake too! SO GOOD.

Clinique X Marimekko Pop Splash Lip Gloss in ‘Air Kiss’ $47

Again, excuse me while I gush over packaging! This new lip collaboration by Clinique & Finnish Design House Marimekko is every colour/quirky pattern lover’s DREAM. Repackaging Clinique’s best selling Pop Lip Colour + Primer and their new Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration, this collaboration will definitely tempt you to purchase more than one. It’s a limited edition collection, so get in quick!

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint in ‘Bare Pink Sparkle’ $65

The ultimate no-makeup makeup look lippy. One of those super magical formulas that bring out a lip colour according to your personal lip shade (I think it’s something to do with PH levels or something). It’s a glossy/balm type of formula with a bit of sparkle and it’s my go-to for when I want something pretty on my lips but I want it to look as natural as poss!

MAC Viva Glam Sia $40

Apart from the fact that the MAC Aids Fund is awesome to support (every penny made from the lipsticks goes to the charity), the newest lipstick in collaboration with Sia is simply as perfect as Matte Red lipstick can be. A darker red shade is just how I  like it, so this is my new go-to for date nights and special events! Also who just doesn’t love a good ol’ MAC lipstick? There is no other lipstick scent that makes me feel more nostalgic!

What lip products are living in your handbags right now? I’m always up for trying new brands and formulas so do let me know 🙂

Ash xx

  • CAKE SCENTED?! That’s going straight in my basket! {Please tell me you’ve seen that Vine?!}

    Sharni |

    • Ash Owens

      Hahaha I haven’t but I can only imagine 🙂 Anything cake scented gets me very excited!