Secondly, big appreciation for the two amazing ladies in the header image who I am SO lucky to call my friends and who I know will both support me through anything. Jess on the left has been in my life since high school and is such a special friend who has been there for me through everything, Dani on the right is just one of those girls who I met and instantly clicked with on a level that was clearly SO special and who I admire so much as a person. I LOVE THEM.

Also a shoutout to the amazing Kiwi blogger based in Sydney, Tash Bonniface who I have been following for years, she posted about five women who inspire her on her blog and was SO kind to include me in her list. Thank you so much Tash!

And now, tonight’s blog post was actually supposed to be beauty related, but let’s be honest, nobody cares about lipstick tonight. Let’s put all of that aside this week and get down the nitty gritty. The real shit that we actually want to talk about.

After seeing a tonne of beautifully inspirational Instagram stories and posts today discussing what it means to support and celebrate the majestical gender that is the Woman, I had a good, long ponder about what it means to me, and how I am currently feeling about the topic of “real women supporting real women”.

This afternoon I jumped on Instagram stories and briefly discussed a related topic that really fucking bothers me.

When Women let self comparison and insecurities turn into jealousy and put down other Women when they should be cheering them on.

Think about it, how many times have you felt like a friend wasn’t really that happy for you when something bloody awesome happened in your life. How many times have YOU looked at a friend or someone you follow online in the perfect relationship, in the perfect job, travelling the world or in posession of expensive materialistic items that you wish you could afford, and just felt like utter.. shit?

You feel like shit, you acknowledge that you don’t have these desirable things, and naturally the green eyed monster appears and forces you into a state of mind that is completely irrational, and not the real, kind, loving, positive and happy, you. We’re all human and it’s totally natural, but the point I want to make here is that it’s important to start being more aware of this within ourselves, so that we can actually practice what we preach when it comes to “real women supporting real women”.

Jealousy is just a mind set, a mind set that so easily can be controlled. Admittedly, I am NO anti-jealousy/self comparison Jedi, the green eyed monster often tries to knock on my door during my daily Instagram feed scrolls but I am now learning not to let him in. Like, ever.

Now another issue I have is with self proclaimed women supporters who do and say things that say otherwise, but I don’t want to go into that. I want to focus on the positives, because without positivity, we aren’t going to get a n y w h e r e when it comes to this subject.

With a more positive mind frame (and I am so about the posi vibes at the mo with my new found love and practice of the law of attraction), it’s so much easier to be happy for your bestie who is in her dream job while you’re drowning in anxiety every time you wake up for work each morning, it’s SO much easier to be excited for that other blogger with 5,000 more super engaged followers who is getting your dream brand deal, it’s so much easier to accept that your dream parter will walk into your life when the time is right rather than talking crap about your friends relationship because she isn’t free to go out partying with you every Saturday night anymore.

It’s easier to shift your mindset when you feel jealousy creeping in because when you feel jealous, you feel like shit. When you feel happy for someone who has what you want, you manifest these positive, happy vibes which will quicker lead to you being able to have or achieve the same things as the people who you could have been so jealous of.. does that make sense?

With my industry being so social media based, it’s probably the trickiest industry to master in terms of not letting self comparison get in the way of loving and supporting other women. I could let myself get upset and stressed about all of the AMAZING girls who on paper are a lot more successful than I am, but I believe that I am on my own journey, I have my own version of success (you guys who actually give a crap about what I write and post about! bloody love you guys) and choose to love, support and actually befriend these amazing ladies who inspire me every day and who I actually LOVE watching succeed!

While we begin the process of locking the green eyed monster outside forever, it’s also really important to appreciate what you do have, rather than what you don’t have. When it comes to looks, you may not have the biggest boobs (like I wish I did) BUT I know that I have great legs and an awesome butt. I know that I’m intelligent, I know that I am creative, and most importantly, I know that I am kind. We are all beautiful in our own way, and it’s time we started to properly understand this.

Every day I am learning to appreciate who I am and what I have MORE than what I wish I was and what I don’t have.

Living a life where you choose to be happy is so much better than a life worrying about what other people are doing and getting upset about it. It just makes SO much more sense!

I really encourage all of you beautiful women to love who you are, what you look like, what you have and KNOW that where you’re going is going to be spectacular, as long as you are kind, positive and grateful.

You’re all incredible ladies and I could not feel more blessed to have each and every one of you reading through my words right now, it’s a complete and total honour.

Let’s all love and support each other MORE. Even when the green eyed monster tries to bash the door down.


  • I 100% agree with you babe – shifting your mindset is so important!

    Sharni |

    • Ash Owens

      So glad you can relate! It can be tough sometimes but so important to at least try and live a life with that mindset 🙂