I have been a total magpie when it comes to jewellery over the past couple of months, and have been absolutely obsessed with coloured stones, celestial designs and generally just very, very into silver pieces that are a little bit out of the ordinary – just how I like it.

Recently I have been receiving A LOT of Instagram DM’s asking me about my jewellery, so I thought today I would share alllll of the gorgeous jewellery pieces I have recently added to my collection over the past couple of months! I’ve added in prices, links to shop online and the deeper, celestial meanings behind the designs that I’ve gone for, *cue spacey alien music*.

Karen Walker Double Crescent Ring – $169

A beautiful birthday gift from my boyfriend, and the most gorgeous ring I have ever owned. This may sound really lame and cheesy, but when we got together we started watching Game Of Thrones, and if you’re a fan you’ll know all about “Moon Of My Life” and “My Sun & Stars”. The ring takes me back to when we first got together and is such a sentimental piece that I’ll wear forever. So different from Karen Walker too!

Witchery Wish Ring – $21.90

I’ve always loved the idea of wish bones, and ALWAYS make a wish when I stumble upon one! The dainty piece from Witchery spoke to me as soon as I saw it and I love to make little wishes every morning when I put it on my finger. Call me crazy but I just live for wishing, visualising, hoping and watching what comes into my life as a result! They also do matching earrings and a necklace which I also have and love.

Witchery Panama Mini Hoops – $44.90

My current go-to for when I want to feel a little bit more glam, but not too glam – the perfect in-between. I love the modern take on such a vintage brassy gold style accompanied with pearls!

Zoe & Morgan Shakti Eye Necklace – $300

As soon as I saw this Aztec style necklace from my absolute favourite jewellery designer, I KNEW I needed to have it in my life. It’s literally me in a necklace and I was so lucky to have been gifted it from my parents for my birthday! I love it not only for it’s beauty, but it’s meaning. It’s a reflection of one of Zoe & Morgan’s fave cosmic symbols – the Sri Yantra. The Yantra with the open eye represents awareness to the movement of subtle energy.

Then with the Blue Topaz (SO PRETTY), it reflects the energy of the mind and knowledge, pushing self confidence and being able learn and think through the complex moments of our life. During my current journey of self discovery in terms of the law of attraction, the necklace could not be a better representation of how I am living right now. Absolutely obsessed and SO special.

Zoe & Morgan Amber Fort Ring – $225

Again with the stars! Like I mentioned, I love astrology and have always felt a strong connection with stars, constellations and the moon. I could never have too many star designed jewellery pieces!

Pandora Green Timeless Elegance Ring – $119

My favourite colour is green so naturally I needed a beautiful green gem on my finger AT ALL TIMES. Such a pretty and fabulously affordable Pandora piece.




Ash xx