For a good solid three years, my spare time has pretty much been spent watching YouTube videos, reading Blogs, scrolling through the Gram’ (probably, no, definitely a little too much!) and more recently, listening to Podcasts – I KNOW, I’ve been living under a rock and I am for sure the last person in the whole entire universe to realise how much your life changes after jumping onto the Podcast bandwagon. I’M SO LATE! AND THEY’RE SO GREAT! YAY.

I’ve also recently learnt that a lot of people are ignorant to the influencer world, they have ridiculously negative pre conceived ideas on what the whole gist is around Bloggers and YouTubers, while there are also a few people who are interested but they just aren’t aware of the creators who are actually seriously talented and can reel you in with their words, photography and video content quicker than you can say “I hate YouTubers”.

The daily inspiration, information and education I gain from these incredible creators that I follow is something I am grateful for every day.

Whenever I’m feeling insecure about my work, I always know that Victoria from In The Frow will always have a blog post ready for me to read that will give me an instant boost of girl boss inspo, whenever I look at my wardrobe and feel like I have NOTHING to wear I know I can always check a new YouTube video from Samantha Maria who will remind me that wearing you year-old clothes is actually trendy, and whenever I need a good ol’ giggle I know I can watch one of Allana Davison’s ridiculously candid and hilarious weekly vlogs that always makes me feel so much better because watching her vlogs makes you feel like you’re her best friend.

Most mornings I’ll start my day by watching a YouTube Video, reading a Blog Post or listening to a Podcast and it has absolutely astounded me how unaware my friends and followers are of all my favourite creators.

SO, here we are, a big list of everyone I am obsessed with in the influencer world, as well as the Podcasts that have totally changed my life this month.

You’re welcome!


In The Frow

Victoria is my absolute FAVE. She is the number one creator that I follow and literally squeal with excitement every time she posts a new weekly vlog or blog post. She mixes lifestyle, beauty and fashion flawlessly and her personality is literally addictive! She works on her blog/Youtube channel full time with her boyfriend Alex who helps shoot all of her content, and they are literally the kind of couple you want to be bestie with. Constantly working and travelling with brands such as Dior and Estee Lauder, Victoria gives such a humble insight into the world of luxury fashion and beauty, which I find absolutely fascinating!

Hello October

Suzie has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years purely because of her honest approach to her content. She is not afraid to give a negative review on a product and certainly would never tell you she’s having a good day when she’s having a “bloody shit one”. She’s the kind of influencer that makes you feel better about being yourself, because she shows that life isn’t actually always perfect when you’ve got 416 K subscribers on YouTube. Her beauty knowledge is also fab and you know you’re always in good hands when it comes to her reviews.

Samantha Maria

Two words: FASHION. QUEEN. I am obsessed with Sammi’s style and the way she shoots all of her still & video fashion content. She is so funky and truly the coolest influencer in London. She’s always my go-to for fashion inspiration and her vlogs are always a pleasure to watch!

Estee Lalonde

I will literally sit there and get caught in an Estee video binge. Her personality is so unique and there is literally nobody else quite like her. Being a Canadian based in London she stands out from the crowd, and is especially loved for her lifestyle based videos that makes you feel so good and inspired! She recently posted a video all about ‘How To Get Out Of A Rut’ which was pretty much exactly what I needed to watch when I was in a funky ass mood, this one time. LOVE HER!

Song Of Style

FASHION. QUEEN. but the American version! Aimee is the most down to earth fashion influencer I have ever come across and it literally amazes me how honest and herself she is even when she is vlogging from the front row of Alexander Wang at NYFW. She is such an incredible creative and I love watching her videos when I need some good creative inspiration.

The Anna Edit

Again, one of those influencers that is just SO down to earth that you literally feel like they’re your best friend. Another babe who probably gives the most accurate product reviews ever, and never takes life too seriously which is something I really admire about her. Her content is a good combination of ‘realistic real life’ and ‘creative influencer absolutely killing it’ and I even received an email response from her in December when she and her husband came over to NZ for their honeymoon so I took the opportunity of emailing her some recommendations. She sent back an insanely grateful and attentive reply which made me love her even more. Such a huge London based blogger but she’ll always have time for her followers!

The Saccone-Joly’s

If family daily vloggers are your cup of tea, you NEED to be watching the Saccone-Joly’s. An Irish family living in London, Anna and Jonathan (the coolest parents EVER) have three super cute children with one more on the way as Anna recently announced her fourth pregnancy. If you’re clucky AF like me this is the perfect way to get your baby fix! Haha. Jonothan, the Dad is also super entertaining and it’s kind of just one of those channels you watch that makes you feel good and keeps you entertained for a couple of hours.

I’ll even let you in on a little secret… Liam will kill me but he actually loves watching their vlogs with me! Lol

Allana Davison

The funniest girl on YouTube – I SWEAR. The friendly Canadian beauty guru based in Vancouver literally puts me in hysterics during every video she posts. She is so raw and honest in her weekly vlogs and doesn’t even bother to get overly creative with her content, which is something I actually love because it’s just so raw and real.


YSL Beauty Vinyl Couture Mascara in ‘I’m The Clash’ – Length, Volume & Curl, pretty much all you need in a mascara. This baby is my new go-to for events and nights out!

Touche Eclat Collectors Edition – Everyone’s favourite brightening concealer in it’s most recent limited edition packaging.

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Amazing, amazing, amazing. Refer to the description above!

Liv is just SO cool! She’s the total girl next door, big sister vibe kinda blogger. Her content is beautiful but it’s so insanely relatable and I often find myself scrolling her blog for hours on end! From travel, to fashion to book reviews, she will be one of your new faves for sure.

Again, I mentioned Sammi above with her YouTube channel, but her blog is the perfect place for a quick fix of fashion inspo. Her look books are killer!

The number one blogger who completely satisfies all of my home decor dreams. Kate is known for her insanely decorated Scotland based apartment and is my total go-to for blog posts when it comes to home inspiration. She was also born in NZ with her family still living here which makes it even more cooler that she’s one of the biggest bloggers in the UK.

Carrie’s travel blog post are completely out of this world. Her creative take on traditional travel blogging makes her one of my favourite bloggers and her posting consistency is phenomenal, I always admire travel bloggers who manage to post three times a week! She’s also a babe and has awesome style!

Refer to my Anna obsession above 🙂

Omg okay, where do I even start. Apart from the fact that Julia is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, she is one of the only American bloggers that I follow religiously. She posts such gorgeous visual content but her blog posts are also so helpful and relatable!

Amelia is HILARIOUS. One of Victoria’s (In The Frow) besties and also gives a very humble insight into the world of luxury fashion and beauty in London. Her travel blog posts are my absolute favourite!


@Gypsea_lust – One of the best female travel Instagrammers in the world, for sure.

@JasmineDowling – Calling all creatives and lovers of illustration, design and prints.

@Emelinah – Liam can totally vouch that Emily is my number one girl crush and travel inspo!

@LisaDanielle_ – Emily’s bestie, they’re both based in Byron Bay and are the coolest Aussie girls ever.

@Masha_Theone – Another babe to follow for your clucky fix! The London based mum of two creates such beautiful content.

@WishWishWish – The most creative travel blogger I know!

@Zoelaz – The American girl next door who takes super cool photos.

@JuliaEngel – The kind of content creator who brings out the girly girl in you!

@OhhCouture – Travel Inspo on a whole new level.


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Your Creative Start – Jaharn Giles

If you’re self employed and/or a creative, OR you’re just keen on some interesting business women stories, you’ll binge listen to this Podcast and finish it in a day, just like I did. I warned you!

At Home With… – Anna Newton & Lily Pebbles

The Anna Edit (a favourite I mentioned above) teamed up with her bestie Lily to do a Podcast where they interview some of their favourite people. Their episode with Zoella is one of my favourites!

The Heart Of It – Estee Lalonde

Another Podcast created by one of my favourite YouTubers, Estee covers all of the basic girly topics and interviews the most interesting people. Trust me, there’s more to learn about the history of beauty than you think!

Pardon My French – Garance Dore

New York Best Selling Author and fashion industry A-Lister, Garance gathers her girl gang to talk all things fashion, creativity and self expression.

Super Soul Conversations – Oprah Winfrey

Pretty self explanatory, Oprah is therapy.

The Lively Show – Jess Lively

There’s literally nothing that Jess doesn’t cover, and there is a whole lot to listen to! From relationships, to work/life balance, to personal empowerment, to discussing the law of attraction, I can pretty much think to myself “I feel like listening to a Podcast about self comparison today” and I know I can head to her Podcast and there will be a whole episode on the subject!

The Glossy Podcast

All about technology and how it affects the fashion and luxury industries. Such a fascinating Podcast where you just LEARN SO MUCH.


Have you guys found any life changing Podcasts recently that I’m not aware of? Or know of some insane Instagrammers that I just NEED to have in my feed? Let me know! I am constantly on the look out for new creators to follow, and if you guys found this post helpful then I’m thinking that I’ll turn it into a bit of a series and update you guys on who I’m following and listening to every three to six months or so. What do ya think?

Enjoy your IG stalking! Love Ash xx

  • Yes, yes, yes. Love all these fab gals, Alix from I Covet Thee – regularly seen in Suzie’s videos is awesome too, as is Lily Pebbles, who is good friends with Anna. Jasmine Dowling’s blog is just as stunning as her instagram. And I’ve been into Liv Purvis’ new podcast as well, the first episode discussed female friendships and the second was on confidence, which is amazing.

    Loving your blog at the moment

    • Ash Owens

      Aren’t they all AMAZING? The brits are definitely my favourite. I do follow Alix and Lily but they don’t quite resonate with me as much as the others! I still think they’re fab women though 🙂 I’m yet to check out Liv’s podcast but it sounds awesome.

      Thank you so much babe! Appreciate it so much! xx

    • ashowensblog

      Yesss I absolutely love Alix too! Lily’s new book looks amazing and I’m dying to get my hands on it. I never knew Liv had a podcast so I will need to go and check that out!

      Thanks so much for sharing and for the kind words Tayla 🙂 also so nice to hear that you love all of the same creators! xx

  • Ooooh so many names on here that I haven’t heard of! For youtube I love watching Lydia Millen, blogs I really enjoy Cindy’s writing and photography {} and on instagram I’m obsessed with @ameliaasays. My go-to podcasts are My Favorite Murder and The Lady Gang. xo

    • ashowensblog

      That’s so good!!!! So glad that I could introduce you to some new ones babe 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing because I literally haven’t heard of any of those 🙂 off to stalk them all! xx

  • Sarah

    Thanks for all the techy advice you rocked it. i understand better now 🙂 YAY

    • Ash Owens

      Yay I am so glad! x