From my experience, Valentines day is perhaps one of the most controversial days of the year.

People love it or they hate it.

I have ALWAYS loved it, whether or not I was in a relationship, purely because, and I know this is contrary to popular belief, I think having one day a year, aside from an anniversary where you make the extra effort to celebrate the love in your life is such a beautiful thing! Time and time again I’ve heard that classic “we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because every day is Valentine’s Day for us” which I am totally on board with, BUT I am a total hopeless romantic when it comes to my own relationship or other peoples so naturally, I am suuuuper into Valentine’s Day. I am a total lover of love. Shoot me.

For some, it’s easy to pick up some roses and be done with it, but I think doing something a little different can always be fun. I know, especially for us girls, that it can be super challenging to figure out “what the HELL am I going to get him?”, so I have compiled a list of ideas that I think are bloody brilliant, but also cater for him, for her, and heck.. even yourself, because you deserve that Lonely Bra girlfriend!!!!

For her: Ecoya X Blush Flowers Candle or Diffuser

A brilliant concept delivered beautifully by one of my all time favourite brands. Ecoya have collaborated with three leading Australian florists to create three new (gorgeous) limited edition scents. Teaming up with Sydney’s Mr Cook & Jardine Botanic and of course our very own, Blush Flowers in Parnell, candles and diffusers are now available that are bound to make your lover swoon!

Obviously not bias (cough, cough), the Tuberose & Fig collaboration with Blush is my favourite and is the perfect gift for your babe this Valentines Day, you literally can’t go wrong.

For her: Blush Luxe Rose Box

While you’re at it, you may as well head to Blush for the most beautiful box of roses I have EVER seen. Another incredible Blush collaboration with the amazing NZ visual artist and designer Sarah Jayne Kavali, you can purchase a beautiful hand painted box of a dozen roses for your deserving other half. It’s that extra little bit of luxury that makes a dozen roses even more special!

For her: Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Fragrance

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a fragrance that is more fitting for V Day. The Ruby Red and Gold bottle could not be more fitting for the celebration of love, and not to mention the self proclaimed sexy scent is just as sexy as sexy comes. Hellllloooo.

For her: A lingerie treat from Lonely

Guys, this is a seriously good way to spoil your girl and perhaps create a bit of spice if ya know what I’m saying 😉 If you know her size but you don’t know what to get her, you can’t go wrong with the Lenni Underwire (my fave) Lena Soft Cup, or the Bonnie Underwire bras! She’ll LOVE YOU for it!!! (Definitely not hinting Liam..)

For him or her: Moustache Baby Red Velvet Cookie Cake

Ummmm.. YUM. Do I have to say anything more?

For him or her: A memory photo album

I think this is such a lovely idea if you’re on a bit of a budget or if you’ve got some time to sit down and get creative! If you’ve got some Polaroid images laying around, or if you’ve got something like the HP Sprocket, OR if you go somewhere to get some images printed off, making a little card or a book with all your memories goes so far in terms of thought. Adding in some little funny memories or some personal jokes is always a cute idea too!

For him or her: A Glamping trip away

It doesn’t have to be on Valentines day, but you could totally surprise your loved one with a planned trip! Liam and I recently went glamping in the most incredible spot not too far out of Tauranga called Old Coach Oasis Glamping and it was absolutely incredible, super romantic and the perfect Valentines day surprise if you’re into adventures! If you wanted to see some pics check out but blog post here, but another great website to find Glamping spots in NZ is Canopy Camping. If you did something like the above and added in a message saying “we are going glamping on (insert date)” that would be SUCH a cool/cute pressie!

For him or her: Love Coupons

I absolutely love this idea because it’s low cost (you need some card, scissors and a pen!) but it’s so thoughtful, fun and romantic! Create little vouchers that your other half can use throughout the remainder of the year and pop them all into a little box with something cute like a whole lot of Hershey’s Kisses or something.

Some good ideas could be..

“Redeemable for a 20 minute massage”

“Redeemable for one movie of your choice”

“Redeemable for a home cooked dinner made by me”

“Redeemable for breakfast in bed”

“Redeemable for a car wash”

“Redeemable for a fun Sunday adventure of your choice”

For him: A new set of Calvins

One of those things that are so expensive, but so nice to have! I nice little treat to add in with a huge box of chocolates for your man that will be sexy for you aaaaand is nice for him to have. I’ve heard they are VERY comfortable!

For him or her: A couples massage

Honestly like the best present EVER. We experienced the couples massage at Spring Spa St Heliers and it was incredible, all though I’m sure you could find some bargains on Grab One! Who wouldn’t be stoked with this!!!

My other tips would be to think about something else they’ve wanted for a while, or if you’ve got the budget, flights to somewhere you’ve been talking about going to for ages! Being said that you don’t need to spend money to be thoughtful and make your partner feel special on Valentine’s Day, it just comes down to the fun and thought of it all.


You could also mix and match the above ideas to create a pretty impressive and special gift full of heaps of special goodies!

I SO hope this helps guys, I know it can be tricky! Good luck and do let me know what you’ve ended up going with if any of these ideas have given you that ‘Aha’ moment 🙂

Happy Valentines Day lovers.

Love Ash x

  • I love the idea of a glamping trip! My boyfriend was actually talking about one the other day haha I think he’s hinting!

    Sharni xo

    • ashowensblog

      You NEED to go! Honestly the most romantic getaway ever 🙂