I’ll admit, I’m nosey as hell.

I LOVE reading about what other people have in their handbags or beach bags. I don’t even know what it is that actually intrigues me so much, I just love to see which products people tend to use on an every day basis which seem to be important and loved enough to make it into their bag.

Today, I’m sharing what has been living in my beach bag this summer because I have finally found the best of the best in terms of SPF’s AND I think quite often it’s super easy to overpack a beach bag and end up lugging around a whole bunch of crap that you don’t need or use, so think of this as a guide to stop you from doing exactly that next weekend!

Straw Beach Bag 

Right now, I am all about the straw bags! They’re just so summery, durable but also because it’s straw, you don’t really have to worry about it getting destroyed by a gust of sand. Mine is from H&M, but you kind find similar ones everywhere! Some fave alternatives I found online are from Redcurrent, The Iconicand ASOS.

UE Wonderboom

A Christmas pressie from Liam, and I LOVE IT. I’ve never owned a decent portable speaker before so I was super excited to have this little baby in my life! I love using it in my room on the daily when I’m getting ready, cleaning or editing photos while listening to podcasts & music. They’re also perfect to take to the beach because they’re so tiny and compact, plus they’re waterproof!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Oil SPF 50

I’ve experimented with a LOT of sunscreens this summer, and I have to say.. this one is my winner. I cannot STAND sunscreen that feels sticky or shiny on the skin. I’m a harsh judge, and I also like formulas that are unlike anything else, I look for the one who stands out from the crowd. This one is kinda like a moisturising body oil (if you’re into that) which I love cause it’s super moisturising, when I’m using it it more-so feels like body care rather than SPF because it smells unreal and leaves your skin feeling so beautiful and hydrated even after the product is washed away with the ocean! The fact that it’s SPF 50 makes it even more FAB.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Facial Sunscreen SPF 50

The facial version of the above mentioned body SPF. This stuff is GORGEOUS. Like you only need the tiniest amount, it sinks into your skin like velvet and after 1 min you literally can not even tell that you’ve just applied an SPF 50 to your face. It’s also very mini so it’s the perfect beach bag size! Obsessed with this stuff and I swear I will not be going near any other face SPF’s for a long time, it’s seriously the best.

Redcurrent Turkish Towel

THANK GOD for Turkish Towels! I’ve always found normal towels to be an absolute pain the ass when it comes to packing for the beach because they’re so bulky, but the lightweight nature of the Turkish Towels make it so easy to keep everything in one bag! They also dry quicker which is an extra plus.

Seafolly Beach Pillow 

One of those things you didn’t realise you needed until you got one! My beach pillow has made it ten times more comfortable to lay down on the beach with, especially when I’ve got a book in my hands. It also helps that my Seafolly one is VERY cute – all about the Turkish patterns!

Rayban Round Metal Polarised Sunnies

I’ve had my pair for literally three years and even though I have received and purchased other pairs since, I ALWAYS reach for these ones when I’m out and about in the sun and genuinely need something that’s going to protect my eyes properly from the sun! Unfortunately I’m unable to find the exact same ones that I own, but I’ve linked a similar pair.

Bobbi Brown SPF Lip Balm

A fave since waaay back! I purchased my first tin of this back when I was on my OE in 2014 (the European summer meant I needed a bomb AF lip SPF), and to this day it still remains as my number one favourite lip balm. It smells and feels divine and is thick enough to actually moisturise your lips, it doesn’t disappear after 5 mins which is a total lip balm pet hate. The SPF factor also means I can be rest assured that my lips are protected! Fab fab fab.

Not wanting to alarm anyone.. but we only have three weeks left until Autumn. Time to plan next weekends beach adventure!

Ash x

  • I absolutely love that beach pillow! I’m so often using my dress or a spare towel to rest my head on and honestly it’s so shit I dunno why I bother hahah. Gorg photos babe – you make sand look magical.

    Sharni xo

    • ashowensblog

      It’s so cute right? One of those things where you didn’t realise you needed it until you got it! Thanks gorgeous xx