There is NO denying that I am definitely not the girl who gets up at 6 AM to head to the gym or a yoga class, as much as I’d like to be, it’s just probably never going to happen until I really get my ass into gear. For now, it’s all about baby steps, so my fitness journey (New Years resolution – tick!) involves two workouts per week, starting at 9.30 AM and finishing up no longer than an hour later.. with a well deserved smoothie and a rather large portion of avocado on toast because I am a walking millennial cliche!

I’ve always found it difficult, it’s probably because I’ve always been relatively happy with my body and never quite realised that exercise was more about health, wellbeing and how it made me feel on the inside, rather than how I looked on the outside.

I struggle with maintaining gut health because I LOVE takeaways. McDonalds, KFC, Sal’s Pizza, pretty much anywhere that does a good burger and fries, you name it. I will never deny that and pretend to be someone I’m not just because health trends are all the rage right now, it’s just a part of who I am and I don’t think that I will ever reach a stage in my life where I would decline a double cheeseburger!

However, with the help of my PT Alice (check out her IG here) and a huge, smack in the face realisation that I wasn’t looking after my body from the inside, I have recently realised that I need to create a bigger focus on my gut health and push myself into an eating routine that perhaps consists of one cheat night per week, instead of three.

Another moment during the past week which really confronted me in terms of my general health was at the Clinique Fit event where I was lucky enough to attend a workout class with fellow Kiwi girl boss, Nike Master Trainer and of course, the face of Clinique FIT, Kirsty Godso where we were completely pushed to our limits and got to chat with her about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle while incorporating fitness.

Kirsty dropped an insane amount of wisdom bombs that really inspired me and I felt like were really worth sharing with you guys whether you are in a consistent workout/healthy eating routine, or if you’re a bit like me and seeeeeeeriously struggle.

  1. You only get one body, so get in a relationship with it. You are completely responsible for your own health and you only get one body in this life, so why not treat it with respect? I’ve noticed that I’m very good at treating my own mind with respect when it comes to my mental health, but I never realised that it’s the same when it comes to my rest of my physical body. Learning to love your body is key.
  2. Protein powder is a must, and you most certainly don’t have to be a body builder to use it. I always thought that protein powder was for body builders or just for men in general, until I realised that it’s used to help repair your muscles and that it’s a vital supplement for anyone that works out. Kirsty currently has her own protein powder in the works that is healthy, delicious, packaged beautifully (how ugly is your average protein powder packaging!!!) and don’t worry I made sure to ask her that it can be shipped to NZ and won’t cost us our body parts and soul as she is currently based in New York.
  3. Forget about how you look, it’s all about how you feel.
  4. In order to stay motivated in terms of eating well and working out, you have to find something personal to really motivate you, such as a specific goal, to give yourself good reason to keep going. Feel like crap every time you eat takeaways? Make a point of remembering how much it upsets your tummy and effects your skin and you won’t feel so tempted to get KFC on a Friday night. For me, every time I work out I find that all of my anxiety is gone for the rest of the day. I had my first workout last week in 6 months and it was the first day I felt ZERO anxiety. For me, that’s enough of a reminder to keep going!
  5. Migos is the only music you need playing when your workout gets tough.
  6. Glute activation exercises are literally bad-ass (in a good way! how good is the feeling of your booty burning!)
  7. A positive attitude towards your health and wellbeing will translate into every other area of your life. Kirsty made such a good point of the fact that if you learn to have a positive attitude towards eating healthy and working out, you’ll begin to see this positive attitude translating into your work, friendships and relationship! It makes SO much sense.
  8. A new and very painful style of burpee can be always be created!
  9. Your body will only give up in a workout if your mind does. This one is huge, Kirsty kicks anyone out of her fitness classes in New York who clearly doesn’t turn up with a motivated mind (hilarious) and she is so bloody right to do so. Your body responds to your mind, so if that HIIT workout is getting painful, you will give up if your mind is saying that you can’t do it. If you tell yourself that you CAN, you are 100% more likely to get through 5 more reps – even if it nearly kills you!
  10. You do not have to like Yoga. Kirsty isn’t into it and she’s not afraid to say it, I genuinely just thought that was hilarious.

I also wanted to introduce the new Clinique FIT range (launching early March in NZ) to you guys because I think it is absolutely FAB. As soon as I found out about this launch, I was first of all so shocked that no other beauty brands had gotten onto creating a collection like this yet, and secondly so impressed by how gorgeous all of the products are!

Sweat proof, non-comedogenic (won’t clog ya pores or break you out!), simple products that are perfect for those who may feel super insecure about their skin and want something that won’t break them out and will last through a work out to help them feel a little bit more confident at the gym or in a class, or even just for someone with a super busy lifestyle and need some easy products that they can quickly apply before a pre or post work day workout/yoga class who doesn’t have time to re apply their makeup products, it’s a fab range that will cater to a lot of people’s beauty & lifestyle concerns!

The products are also super tiny and compact making them pretty much perfect to throw into your gym bag, or even your handbag.


The Skincare

Post-Workout Face & Body Cleansing Wipes

Wipes with a difference, I think these are awesome because they’re like EXTRA LARGE size wipes! Perfect for if you’re heading to the gym or a class and have work/a meeting/lunch afterwards and don’t quite have the time for a shower. They’re huge and one wipe will clean your entire face and body!

Workout Face & Body Hydrating Spray

Aside from how perfectly mini this spray is, it does exactly what it says it does. Perfect to spray throughout or post-workout or for that extra hit of hydration and relief from sweat.

Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturiser 

I love that it’s oil free and mattifying (but not toooo magnifying). Great for those oilier skin types like me who need some hydration but also don’t want to look like a total oil slick for the rest of the day after my workout. Sits beautifully under makeup!

The Makeup

Workout Makeup SPF 40

First of all, HELL YES to makeup with a decent amount of SPF. Particularly fabulous if you’re running or working out outside and want to keep your face protected and looking flawless with its humidity proof formula. The only thing I can fault this product on is its shade selection (it has four), but I’m sure down the track they will bring out more! It won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts and I think that’s really awesome for those who like a bit of coverage at the gym but always worry about breaking out!

Post Workout Neutralising Face Powder 

AMAZING for those who get a super red face after their workouts! A finely milled powder that cancels out redness and comes in the cutest packing ever because it literally has a mirror on top of the cap – how handy is that!?

Lip + Cheek Flush in the shade Pink In Motion

Got to be one of my favourite products from this collection, theres good flush, and then there’s bad flush. This little oil free gel formula is absolutely perfect to add a bit of brightness to the look if you like to jazz up your workout makeup! I especially love it on the lips.

Workout 24 Hour Mascara

Kirsty’s favourite product which she SWEARS by. She said that she can put this mascara on at 5 AM, work, work out, work her clients out, finish up at 7 PM and it still looks the same as it did when she applied it.. an insane long lasting formula and applies like a dream!

The collection launches early March so do look out for it on Clinique counters! I’m sure this collection speaks to so many of you and will solve so many of your workout/beauty problems. I have to say, I am DEFINITELY a big fan. It’s bloody brilliant.

Ash x

  • I’m in love with the idea of workout makeup! As much as I would like to say I’m 100% confident going for a hike with a bare face, sometimes that’s not the case and so a little cover-up that won’t clog my pores is fab. And I’m also fascinated by all of those ‘wisdom bombs’ [lol – LOVE it]! I’ll admit that I too thought protein was just for body builders! Beautiful post Ash [as alwayssss] xo