A collaboration with Nespresso

 I am a BIG advocate for squeezing 30 minutes to an hour of ‘me-time’ luxury into every single day. Sometimes that means a morning yoga session, or a spa afternoon with the girls. Other times it’s simply taking an hour out of the afternoon to lay still, relax, unwind and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine that summer’s so generously providing us!

Often we’re feeling uptight, neglecting the one thing that each of us deserves – an hour in the afternoon by the water (be it the pool or ocean), with a cold, delicious beverage in hand. It’s simple, yet so rewarding.

Allowing yourself this special time each day does wonders for the mind. It helps you end the day feeling calm and I find that it allows me to go to sleep at night feeling like the best and less-stressed version of myself which is so incredibly important to me.

SO! What have I been doing over the past couple of months to let myself relax, unwind and keep cool during these balmy, summer afternoons? It comes down to three special rituals that I look forward to each and every day.


Step one: My number one tip for looking after your mind, body and soul this summer is to get in the water! I’ve always been a water-baby – I’ve loved the beach since before I could walk and I’m all about jumping in my pool or diving into that beautiful, salty wave!

A quick swim each day allows your muscles to take a well deserved break and actually produces the same relaxation body response that a yoga session does. Diving under the water frequently even reflects the act of meditation! So, if you’ve got a pool, I really urge you to make an effort to jump in at least once a day. Or if you’re near a beach, there’s nothing more relaxing than a summer swim with your bestie or partner to end your day!

Step two: Craft the perfect poolside companion: an iced coffee! Nespresso recently launched two new Limited Edition coffees, inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle which are so incredibly easy to make. I love an intense coffee, so I pop some ice made with my Nespresso Ice Cube Tray and use my Essenza Mini machine to brew my favourite of the two – Intenso On Ice (rich and roasted with cereal notes – yum!).

Then I use my Aeroccino Milk Frother to froth cold milk by holding down the button for a couple of seconds or until the button turns blue. After I’ve mixed it all together with two teaspoons of sugar in my PURE Recipe Glasses, I have myself a delicious Nespresso On Ice created within just a couple of minutes. They’re just so wonderfully quick to make and I‘ve been absolutely loving making these for my friends and family over the New Year break.

The Limited Edition Nespresso On Ice coffees are two divine, yet distinctive flavours from two origins. Intenso On Ice is a bold Brazilian coffee with cereal notes, while Leggero On Ice is on the sweeter side with its subtle blend of Colombian Arabicas and fruity and lemony notes. While they’re quite different flavours, they’re both absolutely delicious. And just when you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, it’s the perfect alternative when the weather calls for something cool and refreshing.

Step three: Find the perfect book. I actually have a couple on the go right now because I like to read according to how I’m feeling each and every day. Generally, when I’m trying to relax, I go for an easy read that features beautiful imagery. My favourite book for daily encouragement and inspiration is You Do You by Sarah Knight.

It’s one of three amazing books that really change your entire perception on life. They’re so incredibly empowering and very easy to read! Another book that I’m enjoying right now during my afternoons out in the sun is The Art Of Simple by Eleanor Ozich. It’s a gorgeous curation of Eleanor’s tips on living life simply so that you can enjoy it more. I try to look for daily life inspiration everywhere I go, but it’s nice to have a couple of books at home that you know will make you feel inspired and happy after just a few pages!

My love for the outdoors and daily swims in the ocean means that I’m also a conscious lover of the environment. One of the reasons I admire Nespresso so much is because of their approach to recycling. It’s important to recycle each and every coffee capsule and Nespresso makes it really convenient to ensure our capsules are given a second or third life through multiple sustainable initiatives.

One way I recycle is to use Nespresso’s post-paid recycling bags which I fill up with used capsules each month and hand over at my local PostShop. Alternatively, if I’m needing to stock up on capsules, I’ll take my used ones back (in any type of bag) to a Nespresso Boutique and drop in the in-store collection box. So fabulously easy!


It’s always important to remember that we’re only able to swim in our oceans and love living on our land because we choose to keep them clean!

So, how do you guys like to relax and cool down during the summer? I truly encourage you to spend more time in the water, get stuck into a new book and learn how to make the perfect Nespresso On Ice. It’s my favourite poolside companion!

You can shop the Nespresso On Ice collection online and in Nespresso Boutiques nationwide, while stocks last.


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Ash x

  • Um how did I not know about the recycling initiative with Nespresso?! What a brilliant idea and I’m so glad you’ve touched on environmentalism in this post Ash! I’ve always wanted a Nespresso machine and I love the idea of an iced coffee. How yum! xo

    • ashowensblog

      It’s incredible right! One of the biggest reasons why I absolutely love Nespresso 🙂 xx