It actually BLOWS MY MIND how much our skin changes over the years, if you had of asked me two summers ago if my skin needed powder otherwise it would fall off my face I would have told you that powder is the one product I literally cannot do my makeup without. This year something changed.. and I’m still on the oilier end of the spectrum but perhaps sitting in the more ‘normal’ bracket. It’s in a way that just looks incredibly healthy and like my skin is full of glow, not sweat. The number one goal.

I can finally leave the house without powder and it’s life changing because I can finally experiment with cream products (one of them I am about to discuss that I’ve had for over a year but couldn’t pull off until now – YAS!). These are the products I have been using religiously since around early December and I have to say, I have never come across a routine that looks so natural and sits in place so well on my skin! I’ve forever been a slave to powder and by removing it from my routine, it means I’ve had a lot more to experiment with which has been almost revolutionary this summer!

While my skin has been less oily, it’s also been the most clear and soft that it’s ever been, I’m almost certain it’s down to my current killer skincare routine which of course is a total other conversation for another post. I’ve never felt more confidence in my face as I do now so I’ve been steering away from wearing makeup during the day, and only opting for it in the evenings when I’m out for dinner, at a friends for a BBQ or at one of the few festivals I have attended over the summer (can confirm this makeup routine is sweat/festival proof!).

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Buttercream – $46

Those relationships where the two of you had to fall apart to come back together again stronger, that pretty much sums up how I feel about this light weight base. I was obsessed about three years ago until it got to a point where it couldn’t handle how oily my face was (even with powder.. I KNOW) and refused to sit nicely on my skin, so I ended up throwing it away. Fast forward to the end of last year where I made a little re-purchase and holy moly I am so bloody glad that I did!

For such a light weight, BB cream base it’s just so long wearing, covers juuuust enough so that I only need to conceal under my eyes and the shade Buttercream pretty much matches my fake tan perfectly. It completely sinks into your skin, looks so natural and gives the most gorgeous glow without even having to highlight the high points of your face!

If you’re super duper oily I would probably skip this one (all though Mecca do free tester pots!) but if you’re normal to dry you will LOVE it. Mine is about to run out so I think I’ll be making a Mecca order very soon.

Bobbi Brown Instant Full Coverage Concealer in Warm Ivory – $65

A little goes a long way with this one which I love because this little tube lasts forever! Three tiny dots under each eye, pat it in with your ring finger and boom – your dark circles have disappeared. You do need to make sure you only use a little bit otherwise it will sit cakey under your eyes, otherwise this stuff smooths everything out, makes you look like you had 10 hours sleep instead of 6 and overall is just such a fabulous little concealer. It will also cover spots perfectly no matter how nasty and red!

I keep mine in my handbag at all times because it’s pretty much the only thing you need for makeup touch ups throughout the day. Love love love.

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel – $69

This product has been a favourite by so many around the world for years and now I can finally see why. I have always found bronzing to be my favourite beauty product, I’m all about looking sun kissed like I’ve just spent three months in Europe, however I’ve often found that it can be tricky to nail the right bronzer shade and formula that best suits your skin tone.

I like my bronzer looking very warm to the point where it looks like a real tan and this cream formula is exactly that! It’s also an absolute DREAM to blend (so important! nothing worse than a choppy bronzed cheek). The tub is also huge so I can’t imagine it running out of product any time soon.

Absolutely obsessed and if you’re in the market for a new, incredibly natural looking cream bronzer then this has to be at the top of your list because I’m absolutely in love with it, it’s my favourite product to apply!

Inika Organic Certified Organic Cream Illuminisor in Spice – $49

I’ve never been one to have a ‘favourite highlighter’ until I met this little baby by Inika Organic. IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and if I could encourage you to purchase any of the products I’m speaking about today, it’s this one. I had never heard of the brand before I was kindly sent this over in a PR delivery but my goodness I am so pleased to have found it!

The shade spice gives the perfect golden glow to a bonzey makeup look and when patted into the tops of the cheek bones, looks completely natural and almost like your own skin – you literally cannot even tell that you have product on your face.

Lancome L’Absolu Gloss in Rosy Plump – $56

I’m pretty content with the size of my lips, but it’s always nice to have them looking that little bit extra plumped! This is the one I’ve been using all summer long and it actually works without making your lips feel sore (I’ve used others that are horrible). It’s a sheer baby pink colour so looks gorgeous on it’s own or on top of lipstick but what I love most about it is the cooling, tingle sensation it gives your lips! It’s almost refreshing and such a pleasure to use during the heated months.

I tend to pop it on my lips before I start my makeup so that my lips are looking beautifully luscious by the time I’m finished!

These are literally the only beauty products I’ve got in my makeup bag right now and I can’t see myself switching anything up any time soon. I’m very much into that natural, glowwy, skin like makeup look right now and I’m so happy with all of these little gems.

Ash xx

  • This sounds like the perfect summer makeup… but my only question is – eyelashes? Do you have extensions or a tint? I’m so intrigued to know because your lashes always look increddddible. Also that Bobbi Brown concealer sounds like everything I need in my life. The dark circles are REAL.

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

    • ashowensblog

      I naturally have crazy long lashes so during the day I never do anything with them! Good genes haha 🙂 thanks so much girlfriend and yes you NEED the Bobbi concealer!