WOAH. Where the hell did that year go? Every year I get older (22 as of the 19th of December! thanks for all ya birthday wishes!) it seems as if the years fly by faster than I can scoff down a whole bucket of Cookie Time Christmas cookies. I have to say, I do prefer life as a twenty-something and absolutely adore the life I have created for myself.

As you all know, I graduated from university in December and transitioned myself into the self employed business lady that I have always dreamed to be which is so exciting I can’t even put it into words, I got to travel to LA and do Coachella, Mexico and even did a 10 day road trip in a camper van in the South Island as well as a week in Sydney with my bestfriend/BF (man of my dreams!!!).

It’s easily been the best year of my entire life and I am so certain that this year is going to beat it and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!


  1. Attend at least one yoga/pilates class per week – they’re free as part of my gym membership so why the hell not, I am a crazy anxious lady and I know I will seriously benefit from this!
  2. I’m almost embarrassed about this one because surely it’s got to be the number one most cliche New Years resolution like, ever. I want to get myself into a weekly gym routine – *cue the Lululemon online order to spark unlikely motivation*
  3. Move out of home and spend ALL THE MONEY ON HOMEWARE!
  4. This is something I’ve gotten better at recently but I want to continue to work on kicking self comparison in the butt. One of my favourite quotes ever is “Flowers are pretty but so are Fairy Lights and they look nothing alike”
  5. Re-launch the blog. IT’S HAPPENING.
  6. REALLY commit to YouTube and get one casual vlog and one produced/sit down kinda style video up per week – how fun!!!
  7. 2018 is going to be a big focus on nurturing friendships with people who are loving and supportive, and not worry about the ones who aren’t. If you’re not drifting away from people or even finding yourself becoming closer with newer friends, you’re not growing. It doesn’t have to be negative, it’s just life!
  8. Finally get to Bali with Liam and spend 10 days in dreamy heaven!
  9. Nail the snowboard – I’m getting there but still learning, next year I want to get super confident

And I’m sure I’ll think of many more, but it’s a good start 🙂


Sponsored posts.. ohhhh the controversy! As we head into a new year I feel like I do have to remind everyone of a couple of things about how I personally approach sponsored posts because I am totally well aware of other Bloggers/YouTubers/Instagrammers that take on sponsored opportunities that aren’t authentic and are purely keen on making some cash, and it’s shit for you guys! Everyone can see right through it and it really takes away from the genuine authenticity behind other influencers who only take on sponsorships that they truly believe in.

I will never ever work with a brand that I don’t relate to or admire. I will never promote a product in exchange for sponsorship that I don’t like or genuinely use in my personal routine. Without sounding like I’m sitting up on a high horse (I swear I don’t mean to sound like this!) I have declined a number of brand partnerships and sponsored post opportunities over the past year, either because the brand doesn’t sit well with my own or because I simply don’t like the product.

I essentially just want to assure you guys that I would never say yes to a sponsored post purely for the monetary side of it, it’s gotta sit well me and that is THEEEE most important thing.

Again, I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who take interest in the blog, my posts and what I have to say in general, it means the world to me and I love the relationships I have created with you guys. I hope you’re all excited about the New Year and have plenty of exciting goals ready to be achieved because you’re all incredible people and I know you will achieve them.

All the best for the most amazing year EVER.

Ash x

  • Girl the blue in this dress suits your complexion SO well & I love your new years goals! I’m trying to set up an exercise routine this year as well & [so far] it’s going really really well.

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

    • ashowensblog

      Aw thanks lovely 🙂 woohoo go you! I still need to get my act together haha xx