I have always been sensitive to scent, and I love the way different scents can make you feel different things. Some special scents can give you an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, others can remind of you someone you love (the best thing ever!). Scent is a lot more powerful than we typically give it credit for, and I am SO grateful every day that I have the luxury of smelling all of my favourite things such as freshly washed sheets, the change of air once you’ve driven an hour out of the city and my all time favourite, a beautiful candle burning up a fragrance storm in my room and a spritzing of a gorgeous perfume just before I walk out the door, just to add that extra bit of luxury to my every day life!

I am such a seasonal being, and with the changing of the seasons, I love to switch up my personal scent as well as the scent of my room! To me, focusing on seasonal scent its like a celebration of a new chapter in the year and a way to keep life interesting, on both the dullest and the brightest of days. For instance in the Winter, I am ALL ABOUT spicy scents, vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, musky scents that make you feel cosy and warm on the inside, creating that perfect atmosphere that makes you feel even more excited to curl up in bed and watch Stranger Things for hours on end.

In the summer, it’s all about feeling fresh. Celebrating bare legs, sunshine, sea salt. The scents that make you feel ALIVE. Citrus, jasmine, white peach, coconut, basil.

To me it’s ritualistic, so I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with you guys on scent, and a few of my candle/perfume picks for the summer months ahead! It can also be tricky to figure out which scents draw your attraction the most, so sometimes it helps not only to smell the fragrance, but to read the scent base notes to figure out which one is perfect for you so next time you don’t just have to pick one by how beautiful the packaging is!

So I have added in all of the fragrance notes for each product that I am so blessed to have in my life right now for the summer months and if you’re a little unfamiliar with perfume fragrances notes, the ‘top notes’ are essentially the first impression. It’s the first thing you smell once you spritz it onto your wrist, the ‘heart notes’ are what comes through the fragrance after the first impression wears off, and adds significance and mixes with the final ‘base notes’ which create the lasting impression. It’s when you pick up the jumper you were wearing yesterday and it smells like a faint fragrance dream!

S0, let’s get into it so you can pick exactly what suits you best to pop onto your Christmas list.




(Only main notes are released for this product)

Mandarin, Lemon, Basil, Spearmint, Shisho Leaf, Jasmine

SUMMER. IN. A. BOTTLE. I’ve never smelt anything similar to this, it’s unique to the point where it literally makes you feel like you’re living luxury on the Italian Amalfi Coast, even if you’ve never been there before. The Mandarin notes won me over big time!


Top Notes: Pear, Lemon, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Juniper, Gin, Freesia

Base Notes: Teak Wood, Amber, Musk

And incredibly easy scent to wear that is perfect for someone who likes something a little bit sweeter in summer, yet still has that very musky undertone. I absolutely loved wearing this throughout the Spring but I will definitely continue to wear it throughout the summer!


(Only main notes are released for this product)

Vanilla Absolute, Jasmine, Iris, White Musk

An absolute classic and a fragrance I keep going back to, year after year. It’s easily the most feminine fragrance I own and I love wearing this on date night!


Top Notes: Cassis

Heart Notes: Freesia, May Rose 

Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Ambroxan, Wood

The limited version of the original Si that leaves a radiant sparkling effect on the skin. It’s STUNNING and could not be more perfect for summer! Everyone loves a little shimmer around Christmas time


Top Notes: Mandarin & Lime

Heart Notes: Peppery Basil

Base Note: Amberwood 

Up there with one of my favourite fragrances of ALL TIME. The combination of Mandarin and Lime is so beautifully zesty, in the best possible way. This one is my go-to for a lovely long lunch on a Sunday afternoon!



This is ONE ZINGY candle! If you like a little excitement in your home, this one created with Lemongrass & Verbena is the one for you. It’s like a citrus explosion and I am all about it!


The reflective scent to the fragrance mentioned above, I just love how you can keep this little trinket of luxury at home as a candle, but you can also take it out with you as a fragrance. It’s on the highest end that candles go price-wise, but when you think of it as a home decor piece, it is totally worth it!


Perfumer’s notes: warm amber, blue cypress, honey dried tropical fruits

Essentially the perfect candle to keep burning all summer long, I love this one due to the fruity scent it brings!


Let’s just say, you can get away with putting up a faux tree this year, as long as you’ve got this baby in the room. Spicy cinnamon & pine needles, traditionally a wintery fragrance but a Christmas scent is a Christmas scent, wherever you are in the world! I actually love that this makes me feel like I’m at the Christmas markets in London on a freezing cold day and it’s all I’m going to be burning in my room over December –  cue the mulled wine!

I am so grateful to have such a gorgeous collection of candles to fill my home and fragrances to help me feel more excited about life on an every day basis. I truly hope you’ve all found something that has gone straight onto your Christmas list and I also hope that this sparks some Christmas present ideas for your loved ones.

Until next time,

Ash xx

  • Rachel Rex

    Great candle choices – I need that Tom Ford one in my life!!! I’m definitly feeling like it’s time to switch from winter scents to spring time ones – time to visit the scented candle shop!

    • Ash Owens

      Aren’t they just divine? I love that you’re into celebrating scents per season aswell! x