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You guys all know that when it comes to beauty, theBalm is just one of those brands that always come up in conversation for me. Some of you may have already read a recent beauty post where I raved about just how DREAMY their products are when it comes to formula, blendability (is that even a word? it is now!) and of course, packaging. Super. Cute. Packaging.

The new products that theBalm have brought out for Christmas are just as fabulous and obviously have the tick of approval from me. They’re bright and fun which is what we all want from our beauty products for summer, from cheeky palettes that offer everything you could possibly want and need when it comes to the face, to all of the liquid lipstick colours you should have in your collection, to the double mascara pack because hellooooo.. mascara runs out so quickly. Why not package two tubes together?

Genius, AND perfect for Christmas!

Say hello to the Girls Getaway Trio, perfect for the bronzer blusher obsessive (just like me!). With two blush shades and a bronzer, you have the choice to go bronzey with either a deeper or lighter blush tone to match it! I personally enjoy using all three shades at once with the bronzer to warm up the high points of my face, the shade ‘In Full Swing’ all over the apple of my cheek to add in some colour and then finish off with the other blush shade, ‘Warm It Up’ as more of blush topper to help transition the bronzer/blush with a highlighter. It’s all about layering and blending ladies!

All three of these shades are longwear formulas which I am especially pleased about because for me, blush is usually the first product to fade away on my face! These stay put and give you a beautiful flushed glow for hours on end. Can we also talk about how cute the packaging is? The clever play on dreamy, summery destinations such as Palm Springs, Palm Beach and Palm Desert is so freaking adorable and in all honesty I love anything that has a cactus on it. Cuuuuute.

Girls Getaway Trio $42.99

I’m a big believer in simple eye makeup and on most occasions, I actually only use three shadows to create my perfect eye look.

After being absolutely obsessed with the Nude Beach eyeshadow palette over the past couple of months, I already knew that the formula for these shadows (two foiled, one matte) were going to be absolutely to-die-for. I’ve experienced a lot of trial and error when it comes to blending eyeshadow and theBalm shadows have never ever let me down, only impressed me to the point where they are my favourite to use and recommend to people!

Like I said, three shadows is all you really need to create a well put together eye look and Smoke Balm Vol. 4  makes it super duper easy. For a sexy, bronzey, very evening/date night appropriate eye look I use the middle shade ‘Luminous’ all over the lid and into the crease, the foiled shadow ‘Striking’ which is a beautiful dark bronze smoked into the outer corner and blended into the outer crease, finishing off with the other foiled shadow ‘Smoking’ on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye to make it POP. So easy and so beautiful!

Smoke Balm Vol. 4 $24.99

It’s super cute because it’s called In The Balm Of Your Hand, and really it’s no joke, this palette is pretty much everything you need from The Balm, literally in your hand. How fab!

I’m a big fan of palettes in general, however I am even more of a fan of palettes that include every face powder product you could possibly need, they make life ten times easier over the summer when you’re road tripping about and don’t have the bag space to lug around a whole heap of products! With this one, you’ve got your eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer and three blush choices in one adorable palette. Not to mention the palette includes Mary Lou-Manizer, Bahama Mama FratBoy which I already own as individual products and have been using obsessively over the past couple of months!

You should have seen my face when I saw that I could have all of them in one palette!

I mentioned before that theBalm eyeshadows were deliciously blendable and I cannot help but reiterate. They’ve included four eyeshadows in the palette which includes one from four of their popular eyeshadow palettes which I thought was a super cool idea! The choices of cheek product are also an absolute win for me. I’m sure many of you have heard about the Mary-Lou Manizer which is the highlight of choice for a LOT of people, all over the world.

Frat Boy is the perfect peach blush shade which is no doubt the only shade I tend to go for in the warmer months and Bahama Mama is simply just a wonderful bronzer! It blends beautifully, isn’t too warm or cool toned and all though it’s matte, it gives you the perfect bronzey glow!

In theBalm Of Your Hand Vol. 2 $69.99

Liquid lippies for days!

You can never have too many colours and the Mini Meet Matte Hughes Lipstick Sets of 6 offer not only the perfect handbag go-to, but means you can try a whole bunch of shades from the line without having to pay the price of six full sized products. When it comes to formula, they aren’t too drying (very important for me!), they smell AMAZING and I actually think that this set is an amazing gift idea for someone who is a lover of liquid lips and would love the option of testing out a whole bunch of colours, all at once! Perfect for the stocking, too!

Meet Matte Hughes Mini Kit Vol. 3 $59.99

My favourite shade from a mini collection is ‘Brilliant’, like I said, I am IN LOVE with pinky peach shades this summer!

I’ve never actually seen a mascara duo package before but the Mad Lash Duo really got me thinking that it was genius because how often do we go through mascara? I go through about 180 million a year so the fact that you can get a pack of two is awesome to me, especially when it is SUCH A GOOD ONE! It’s their top selling mascara (no surprises!) and the value of it is unreal where one is usually $39.99 but you get two for $44.99!

I have super duper long lashes, so I quite often find it tricky to get the mascara wand right to the root of them to ensure that each one is coated for a super wide eyed effect. The fact that this wand is curved means that not only can you get into the root of your lashes, it helps to create volume, curl and lengthen all at the same time.

Mad Lash Duo $44.99

So there you have it! I hope you guys have an idea on what you could possibly purchase for your friend/sister/mama this Christmas when it comes to beauty from theBalm! All of these products are pretty much the perfect stocking filler and each and every one of them are top notch when it comes to quality, they all have my tick of approval as always.

theBalm has also kindly given me all of these products to GIVEAWAY to one of you lucky babes! All you need to do is like and comment on one of my FACEBOOK posts incorporating these products, make sure you’re following Ash Owens – Blog and @TheBalmNZ on Facebook and I will randomly pick a winner.

Also, all theBalm products can be purchased at Life and Unichem Pharmacies as well as selected Farmers Nationwide so make sure head in store to purchase theBalm products for family, friends or yourself for Christmas. All of the products mentioned are only available for a limited time so once they are gone they are sold out, so make sure to head there quick so you don’t miss out!!

Let the Christmas shopping begin!

Ash x