G’day mate! After 21 years of being that person who has never been to Sydney, we finally crossed the ditch to visit Finding Nemo land and enjoyed five blissful days eating, drinking, adventuring, shopping and getting hella burnt because what better way to kick off the summer down under? (just to clarify, I do not condone getting burnt! Wear your SPF people!)


P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way.. lol just kidding. We were incredibly lucky to stay at a friends apartment in the wonderfully cultured Surry Hills, AKA the trendiest/coolest area in Sydney by a mile! We adored staying in Surry Hills, not only because  the funky cafes and never ending terraces are a bloggers dream, but because the location in comparison to everything else worth seeing in Sydney is absolutely spot on. It’s a gorgeous half an hour walk to Circular Quay (hello beautiful harbour bridge view, the ferry terminal and the Oprah house) and a 10 minute drive to Bondi Beach making it the ultimate Sydney centre hub to locate yourself.


When it comes to food, Surry Hills is an even better option to stay in because no matter what you’re after, you literally don’t even have to leave the suburb to get it!

Brunch in Surry Hills

Our first morning in Sydney involved a visit to Bills after a million and one recommendations from you guys (thanks!) and the food was absolutely delicious. We were told the that Ricotta Hot Cakes were life changing, but I had the Toasted Ciabatta, Avocado, Lime, Chilli, Bacon & Poached Egg and Liam had the Full Aussie Breakfast. The food was honestly delicious but the coffee wasn’t up to my usual standards! Interestingly, what we really noticed about Sydney was how difficult it was to find a perfectly frothed cappuccino which was a bit disappointing. The coffee wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t awesome either.

Reuben Hills was most definitely a hipsters dream cafe, situated conveniently down the road from where we stayed that was total super funky industrial vibes. I ordered the Banana and Walnut Bread (I love that banana bread is a full on meal in Aus!) which was delish and Liam ordered the Honduran Baleada which was a Mexican type of breakfast dish. It’s an awesome spot for a quick brekkie and cup of coffee, however once again the coffee totally let us down! Again, it wasn’t bad, but the milk was just not quite up to frothy standards! Fussy Kiwis, aren’t we!

We actually didn’t get the chance to go to Paramount Coffee Project because unfortunately it was closed during our trip, however I received a tonne of recommendations plus the friends we were staying with said that it was one of their favourite spots. So if you’re in the area and it’s open, definitely go check it out and report back to me!

Dinner in Surry Hills

If you’re into Asian Fusion and have been to Sydney or Melb, I’m sure you will know about Chin Chin, it’s a no brainer if you’re after some exciting asian food! I’m not the hugest fan, but I dug into the Beef Short Rib which was to-die-for.

What I am a huge fan of, however, is a bloody good BURGER. Lucky there were two amazing burger joints we discovered in Sydney, the best one being Ze PickleWe were absolutely blown away by their innovative take on burgers and sides and left the restaurant with two VERY happy tums. I ordered the 3 AM burger with fries and Liam ordered the Chee-ze with Kumera fries. I literally cannot even describe just how delicious both the burgers and fries were, and FYI two bowls of fries is far too much for two people so definitely just stick to the one bowl! As if we needed any more food (we couldn’t help ourselves once we saw this on the menu), we ordered the #WHOTHEFUCKISMAXBRENNER from the dessert menu (If you know what Max Brenner is, you’ll find this funny). Baked twix & chocolate chip cookie dough skillet with ice cream and marshmallow gravy topped with melted Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.. I know.. BEST DESSERT WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!

For Italian food, look no further than the super authentic, Al Taglio Italian restaurant. The entire menu looked DIVINE but we just opted for a Margherita Pizza, cause why not when you’re on holiday? Let’s just say.. it was better than the pizza I ate when I was in Italy. YUP.

Drinks in Surry Hills

Whether you’re keen on a beer or a fun cocktail, the bars in Surry Hills have got you covered. We spent our Saturday night watching the AB’s play the Wallabies (ouch) at The Keg & Brew which served awesome beer and the best chicken wings! The Forresters is also a great pub for a casual beer and The Soda Factory is where you want to go for the most epic cocktails. We didn’t get there, but we were also told that The Golden Age Cinema is awesome not only for a drink, but to see a film too!

Brunch in Kirribilli

I actually found Celsius Coffee Co randomly on Instagram, and thank goodness I did because it was our favourite brunch spot from the trip! Our food was UNREAL and the coffee was beautiful and (thank the heavens) perfectly frothed! You have to take a short 7 minute ferry from Circular Quay to get there, but the ferry ride is lovely and the cafe is right where you jump onto the wharf! I ordered the most delicious but also beautiful plate of waffles to ever exist and Liam ordered the Eggs By The Wharf. I cannot recommend this spot enough, it was our FAVE.

Brunch in Bondi

There are so many amazing breakfast spots in Bondi but we opted for Speedos Cafe because it sat right on the beach. I was craving an Acai Bowl and luckily the Pink Pitaya bowl was on the menu because it was amazing and just what I felt like! Liam got the big brekkie and I was stoked because I got to pinch some of his hash browns, yum! The coffee here was spot on too which made us two very happy tourists.


  • Bondi – Self explanatory, right? Liam and I were lucky to get a divine 26 degree day at Bondi and and even hired a surfboard for an hour! We both stood up but probably need a bit more practice!

  • CBD – Circular Quay to jump ferrys, the Oprah House and a tonne of awesome bars and restaurants that surround it, The Rocks with another huge selection of incredible restaurants and of course, George StreetPitt Street with all of the shops (hello Sephora!)

  • Manly – We took the ferry over to Manly which was lovely, the beach is huge, it’s got some awesome surf shops and a couple of great pubs, cafes and restaurants. If we were to do the trip all over again, we probably wouldn’t have gone. It was cool, but a little bit boring. It probably had a bit to do with the fact that it was too cold to swim at the beach. We still had yet another super cute date day though!

  • Taronga Zoo – A Sydney MUST! We loved our day at the zoo and it’s view complete with giraffes over the Sydney harbour is a sight to see in itself.


The public transport in Sydney is phenomenal and could not be easier or more convenient if it tried. All you need to do is buy an Opal Cardtop it up and getting around is as easy as tapping on and off all of the buses, trains and ferry!

Take note Auckland..

So that is essentially the round up of our amazing trip! We can totally see ourselves moving over there in the distant future, but for now it will probably remain as a favourite holiday destination over the ditch.

If you guys have got any more foodie or things to do recommendations in Sydney I’d love to hear about them! Let me know and I can jot them down for the next trip.


Ash xx