You know what guys, when I first started the blog I was SO committed to writing these monthly playlists and it pains me to face the shame I feel when I remember how quickly I decided to stop doing them! I definitely have an acquired taste of music, however, you guys seemed to really enjoy them.

So here we are, musically bound together via a short playlist each month curated by yours truly! The new album from Angus & Julia Stone has ultimately been the acoustic heaven playing (very) loudly in the background of my life during the month of October and up until we see them live on the 15th of December, which excites me more that words can comprehend, they will continue to play on repeat! Oh, and if you’re going to listen to anything else from this playlist, let it be Cherry by Lana Del Rey. Soul music baby!

Baudelaire – Angus & Julia Stone

Cherry – Lana Del Rey 

Lovesick – Banks

Likeline – Prado 

Vera – Crooked Colours

The Comedown – Ocean Alley 

Take My Heart Out – Sparrows

safe to me (feat. Alyss) – LOXE 

Too Much – Tora 

Young In Love – Thelma Plum

Run Away – dvsn 

Bloodhound – Angus & Julia Stone 

My House Your House – Angus & Julia Stone 

Summer Bummer – Lana Del Rey / ASAP Rocky