That feeling when you wake up in the morning, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and HELLO it’s warm enough to ditch the socks and sneakers and get your legs out – finally, Spring has sprung!

It happens the same way every single season. The influencer led trends hit the northern hemisphere first, and the UK/US fashion Bloggers/YouTubers/Instagrammers demonstrate all of the must have trends and pieces that us southern hemisphere honeys have to take note of whilst we scurry through the opposite season, awaiting the next one to come along so that we can then implement the likes of the baker boy hat and the circular straw bag (you get the gist) to keep up with the trendy must-have item game.

Obviously I do love celebrating the Spring season with the obvious feminine, groundbreaking floral attire that screams “the daffodils are here!” like any other girl, however, this season I’m literally feeling super duper basic.

My trend lead cravings are steering me away from patterns, and aiming at simple, flowwy, plain printed fabrics that showcase neutral tones. Give me all of the beige and cream please and thank you!

This top from Princess Polly is the ultimate Spring wardrobe staple piece because not only is it made from the lightest material (totally appropriate for trans seasonal weather) but the cream colour is such a lovely way to bring some lightness into my wardrobe colour palette. I love wearing cream in replacement of white because it’s not so harsh on my bare, stark, post winter skin!

AND of course, where would we be this Spring without the circular straw bag? I know it’s totally one of those pieces that everyone has right now, and will most definitely be a thing of a past by the end of summer, but I really must say it compliments the simple top and skirt combo SO perfectly. This one from Reverii is the perfect mini size for me!

This Princess Polly skirt gives me LIFE. I have been lusting after a frilly tie skirt for months and I’m so glad that it’s finally warm enough to sport one myself! I have a seriously girly streak that shows rather prominantly in my style and this piece definitely reflects that. Not to mention I am obsessed with that shade of BEIGE! YAS!

Top: Princess Polly

Skirt: Princess Polly

Sunglasses: Ellery

Bag: Reverii

Earrings: Brass Designs

Watch: Abbott Lyon


Ash x