Let’s be honest ladies..

We are ALL fussy with our lipstick. Formula, colour, even the packaging is so important to us when it comes to this #1 handbag necessity that is the ultimate heroine of our makeup collections.

Our lipstick choices reflect our mood on an every day basis, and it’s the last step to completing our enhanced beauty routine that makes us feel like we can tackle anything that the day may throw at at us, well, that’s how lipstick makes me feel anyway: like NOBODY can stop me… espesh if it’s a bright red, power play at its finest!

When I first saw the launch of the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colours internationally, I was immediately intrigued. Just like a bee is drawn to a colourful flower, I was drawn to this new lip colour launch due to the absolute perfection that is this this absolutely BANGING colour range, hold me back because I need every. single. shade.

I am a total pinky lippy kinda gal, whether it’s a nude, peach, solid hot pink or a pinky toned purple. I’m ALL over it and will forever be drawn to these kinds of colours that get me extra excited to apply my makeup each and every morning, especially with the Spring/Summer months ahead of us that offers me an overwhelming sense of inspiration when it comes to colourful makeup!

I have to say there isn’t one shade that I wouldn’t wear myself, but my favourites after having a wee swatch last night are  ‘Bare’ (a soft pinky nude), ‘Cabana’ (a rich coral), ‘Sunset’ (a bright orange pop), ‘Cranberry’ (a medium warm berry) and  ‘Angel’ (A light coral pink).

Colour is important, but formula is always the key factor that lets me decipher whether a lipstick line is for me, or not. Very important decisions are made when we start to look at formulas because 1: I cannot STAND a lipstick that feels heavy and drying on my lips, 2: there’s nothing worse than a lipstick that bleeds (you guys know what I mean) or lasts about five seconds where you have to reapply every time you take a sip of water or have a bite to eat, annoying!

The best part about this new collection, in my opinion, is the fact that they are just so deliciously comfortable on the lips.  It’s like applying a lip balm, except you’re experiencing a gorgeous swipe of colour that actually lasts after much more than couple of drinks – very important!

These Crushed Lip Colours include beautiful ingredients such as Vitamins C and E as well as Beeswax that adds to the ultra hydrating factor of the formula and because they’re so creamy, they allow you to literally swipe across your lips without having to worry about getting the application perfect, they’re seriously the ultimate dreamy creamy lippies that you don’t have to worry about!

A huge thank you to the team at Bobbi Brown NZ for having me last week, to Olivia Wild the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Training Manager for hosting the party and to Holly Burgess for the incredible photography.