The 2017 election. All that really comes to mind is a big, fat, WTF.

Well.. let’s be real. Politics in general are bloody confusing. It’s especially confusing when us millennials weren’t even taught about any of this at school so how on earth are we supposed to figure out who to vote for? My first election was shortly after I turned 18 and I’ll be honest, I had absolutely no freakin’ idea what or who I wanted to vote for, and of course ended up voting for the same party that my parents sided with which I don’t believe is the right way to go about it, we all have the right to vote for what we personally believe in!

So here I am, I’m going to dumb it all down and create a wee gathering of NZ political info that I wish I had to read during my first election, because WTF even is a political party?

After hours of nerdy research, chats with my parents and a few humorous party leader debates, I think I’ve fiiiinally got my head around it all. So let’s figure this all out together, without calling any of you dummies because I know you’re all intelligent, smart, ambitious and wonderful humans of the earth, I’m calling this..


Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Historically, the two largest and oldest parties are of course, the Labour Party and the National Party. I one hundred percent realise that there are others who support the smaller parties and that the smaller parties do make up the larger parties, but we can’t deny that the general consensus lies between National and Labour, so I’m going to focus on differentiating between those two just to keep things as quick and simple as possible!

This is purely to help you guys, I must mention that I will not, and will never showcase my personal political views as I truly believe that everyone should decide on which party they side with on their own, with their own views, on their own terms. Cool? Cool.


WTF is even is a party?

If I can make a point of anything here, it’s these types of parties are certainly not involving desirable beverages that bring you the courage to drop it low to @badgalriri like the house party dance-floor is your bitch. It’s a LOT less exciting than that!

A political party is just a group of like-minded people (politicians) who work together in order to take control of a countries government by implementing their own beliefs and policies. RIVETING, I know, but very important nonetheless.

So let’s get into a good, solid, differentiation between the two.

WTF is the National Party all about?

Their 2017 leader and current prime minister of NZ is Bill English

Their ideology is conservative. WTF does that mean? It means that they’re very traditional and have a clear focus on preserving and building the economy up. They are hella set in their own ways and believe that if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

They want Kiwis to achieve all of their hopes and dreams, especially when it comes to their careers. They believe that a working economy is the strongest type of economy and they want to create more jobs and have everyone in the country contribute to the economy. For them, it’s all about creating more opportunity for success.


  • Make it easier for first home buyers to get a deposit by doubling the financial support when buying an existing house and increasing it for new builds
  • Build 200,000 houses over the next 6 years
  • A top priority is to close the gender pay gap, they believe men and woman should be paid the same for doing the same job
  • Help more people to get off the dole and into work to ensure that they reach their potential
  • Increase paid parental leave to 22 weeks
  • Help out infertile couples by increasing the number of funded IVF cycles to three and speed up access to fertility treatment
  • Offer one free dental course for pregnant women and mothers of under 1 year olds
  • Invest 267 million into an Auckland and Wellington commuter rail
  • They will build a third major rail line in Auckland
  • Widen the southern motorway
  • Create safer roads by investing 600 million into fixing dodgy death roads throughout the country
  • Increase elective surgeries to 200,000 a year
  • Cheaper GP visits for low income Kiwis
  • Crack down on the countries Meth problem including organised crime
  • Giving Police new power to search the cars and houses of the most serious criminal gang members at any time to ensure they don’t have guns
  • Increasing penalties for manufacturing and distributing synthetic cannabis from a maximum of two years imprisonment to eight years, but no changes to charges for possession
  • Introducing a new charge of ‘wilful contamination’ for people who contaminate rental properties with Meth
  • Tougher rules on freedom campers to look after our environment

All of this info and more is found over on the National Party website,

WTF is the Labour Party all about?

Their 2017 leader is Jacinda Ardern

Ideology: Social democracy. WTF does that mean? They’re really into the welfare of the countries people. Help the youth, the poor and the elderly etc. They believe everybody should be treated equally and focus on building people up. They believe in innovation and change.

They want to fix social issues by offering welfare benefits and believe that the best way to run New Zealand is by looking after its citizens directly.

They want to create social, economic, cultural and political equality regardless of wealth or social position. So they essentially don’t really give a shit who you are or how sexy your bank account is looking!

They are all about things such as creating a high standard of living for everyone in New Zealand, legalising abortion and creating free education.


  • Reverse National’s proposed tax cuts and re-invest that money in a fairer package of support for families and in core public services such as health, education, housing and police
  • Fix the housing crisis, particularly in Auckland: They plan on banning foreign speculators from buying existing NZ homes which is currently pushing prices up and making things tough for first home buyers. They want to do everything they can to lower housing prices including a push to create 100,000 affordable homes, grow the building industry and ultimately get first home buyers into their first home.
  • They also want to make life better for renters by requiring all rental homes to be warm and dry, for example all rentals will be required to have heat pumps.
  • Make it harder for immigrants to enter the country. All immigrants will need to bring in some type of skill
  • Extend parental paid leave to 26 weeks.
  • Free mental health care
  • Ensure all Kiwis get first class cancer treatments
  • Fund HIV medicines
  • Build a railway from the Auckland airport to the CBD
  • Increase student living costs by $50
  • Create the first three years of Uni free of charge
  • Encourage employers to take on unemployed people as apprentices and paying them the same wage as the dole
  • Introduce a young entrepreneurs policy, which basically allows New Zealanders between the ages of 18 and 23 to trade in their free three years of tertiary study and apply for $ 20 K to start a business
  • Investing 6 billion in education
  • Employ 10,000 young people off the dole to improve the environment for 6 months to get work experience and eventually gain employment
  • Raise the minimum wage to $16.50
  • Reduce the number of people in prison by 30%
  • Future-proof New Zealand by transitioning to an environmentally sustainable, low-carbon economy and society
  • Restore our rivers and lakes to a truly swimmable state within a generation

All of this info and more is found over on the Labour Party website,

So there you have it team, I have pulled the interesting bits and bobs from each party and hopefully that will help to clarify things for you a little bit better! Voting is important and I really do encourage you guys to go out this weekend and get it done, it literally takes all of 5 minutes!

To help clarify things for you guys even further, you can take a quiz to figure out which party you are most compatible with, take the test over on, it’s SUPER helpful.


Ash x

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