Paid Advertorial with Cotton On

When you think about that one essential, staple, must have piece in your wardrobe that you can wear during any season that you KNOW you can always throw on, pair it with something cute and rush out the door, what comes to mind?

It might be a linen button up shirt, a pair of denim jeans, even a jacket that just seems to go with everything that you physically cannot live without and would freak out if you couldn’t find it in your wardrobe. For me, it’s a white, Cotton OnThe Deep V‘ tee!

A white V neck tee is my ultimate cannot live without wardrobe essential for more reasons than one, the first being that it’s made from 100% cotton. YES. This is important ladies.

There are so many benefits of wearing cotton tee’s that you probably didn’t even know about which is just crazy considering how much of a difference it makes to your lifestyle (seriously though, I know it sounds a little high maintenance, but the fabrics you dress yourself in can really, really impact your everyday life!)

Not only is cotton a breathable fabric, meaning you’ll be keeping yourself a lot cleaner and less sweaty-betty throughout the day, it also means that your clothing lasts longer, which is amazing because who wants to be purchasing their favourite tee every few months? Talk about wardrobe admin!

It also doesn’t get any more comfortable than cotton, so if you’re prone to skin allergies or rashes and eczema like me, you are most definitely best to purchase 100% cotton wardrobe essentials. I get eczema on my neck that can be irritated by clothing, so trust me on this one.

So, it’s a plain white V neck tee, what is so great about it? Why am I so enthusiastic about something so simple and obvious?

For me, when it comes to my wardrobe it is ALL about versatility. So, let’s have a look at my favourite ways to mix and match with The Deep V‘ tee from Cotton On!

In the pic above, I have paired it with the Cotton On High Rise Grazer Skinny Jean in Washed Indigo Destruct. There is NOTHING more classy, comfortable (and forever on-trend) than ya classic white tee X fresh denim combo. It’s simple, but white cotton fabric and denim complement each other just so perfectly! It’s my #1 basic essential look that you’ll probably see me run out of the house in at least three times a week.

The second thing I love is the fact that that you can literally pair it with ANY pant, skirt or shorts. This kind of wardrobe freedom is so overlooked but I can’t stress how great it is to be able to feel comfortable, cute but still able to wear whatever kind of bottom piece I feel like wearing that day. So on this day, I paired it with the Cotton On Cuffed Chino for the perfect trans-seasonal look!

My last note is all about L A Y E R I N G !

To dress up ‘The Deep V‘ a little bit, I have styled it with a layering piece which is perfect for the current transitioning season. The Rebecca Shirt in Harriet Stripe worn unbuttoned adds a bit of interest and warmth while still showcasing the simplicity of the tee which is one of my go-to styles. Worn with the High Rise Jegging in White, the outfit is bright, crisp and perfect for spring.

Just what we need right now.

You can also check out Cotton On on Instagram for even more style inspiration!


Ash x