Ya know that feeling when you stumble across some new products from a brand you aren’t overly familiar with? and you’re like.. where have you been all my life?

I got those feels recently, so in true blogger fashion, I’m going to share those feels with you guys!

The Balm is a funky wee brand that is pretty new to the NZ beauty market and is well known for their Mary Loumanizer highlighter that has a ridiculous cult following (as it should – it’s perfection). I hadn’t dabbled with many of their other products, so holy damn was I excited to get my hands on three brand new ones that I just so happen to have absolutely fallen in love with, which is pretty impressive because in all honesty, I’ve gotten pretty ‘set in my ways’ with makeup recently.

Even for me, the irrational beauty product purchaser who will forever want more that I need, it is always easy to become uninspired and repetitive with my daily makeup decisions, ESPECIALLY when it comes to eyeshadow!

After the many hours of Youtube tutorials and practicing those ever so important blending techniques, it seems like such a shame to not bother with your eye shadow on a daily basis especially because I think a good, blended sweep of colour across the lid is such a game changer to your makeup look!

So thank goodness for my new favourite.. the Nude Beach palette.

I honestly couldn’t have stumbled upon a more perfect palette to go into Spring/Summer with. At first glance, I thought the shades were gorgeous, but it wasn’t until I actually started mixing up colours and applying them that I absolutely fell in love, as I mentioned in my frantic Insta story over my love for this one, it’s literally ME in a palette!

In my mind, the left half of the palette is the ultimate Spring/Summer ‘every day’ go-to selection of shades and the right half is absolutely top notch perfect for a gorgeous warm, bronzey eye for those balmy summer evenings when you really want to sex it up a bit!

For an every day look, I’ve been starting off with the shade ‘brilliant’ as a base all over the lid and crease and taking a small amount of ‘bright’ through the crease and winged out juuuust a tiny bit then blend blend blend till ya arm falls off!

Then I use ‘buff’ all over the lid and finish off with ‘babe’ on the brow bone, inner corner and right in the middle of the lid for a halo effect. Boom – ya perfect, super easy, spring eyeshadow look!

If you wanted to turn this into a more intense, evening appropriate look, I would then use ‘brainiac’ through the outer crease and under the lower lash line to intensify the colours and then finish up with ‘brave’ to smoke out the outer corner and create a cat eye effect! Again, suuuuper easy and I really love that each colour stands out on its own on the lid which is something I really look for in a palette.

Also, and obviously this is HUGELY important even if the shades are beautiful, the blendability (is that even a word? it is now!) is perfection, I didn’t have to spend half as much time blending these as I would normally have to with other palettes so I was beyond impressed and that’s when this palette really became my new absolute FAVE.

I created the look below using the other half of the palette, starting off with the shade ‘brilliant’ again as a base (I love that there is a matte cream colour! I physically cannot start an eye look without it and can’t stand palettes that don’t have one, using it as a base just helps all of the shadows to blend so much better!). I then dipped my brush into two shades, I mixed together the shades ‘bold’ and ‘bodacious’ and blended it all over the lid, and through the crease. I then packed on the shimmer shade ‘built’ all over the lid and in the inner corner, and finished off with ‘breathtaking’ in the outer corner to smoke it out just a tiny bit.

To jazz it up for an evening look I would use ‘bootylicious’ (these names seriously get me!) through the crease and to intensify the outer corner and top it off with ‘brazen’ on the lower lash line.

Apologies for the scary brows, they are in dire need of some attention!

So yeah, I’m totally obsessing over that palette, but that isn’t the only thing I am really enjoying at the moment! The Balm have just launched this little gem, the Even Steven Whipped Foundation and holy dooly I’m impressed, not only because it’s great, but because I am SO fussy with bases so I was really excited to find a new one that I really liked.

As you can see, it’s in a tiny little cute pot. You only need a tiny bit of product (it is THAT pigmented) and it blends out all over like an absolute dream and sets matte, but still gives you a natural looking glow.

I dunno, it’s literally like witchcraft because in my head, matte foundations can’t even achieve that, but this one DOES. I freaking love it!!!

The shade light/medium is also my perfect fake tan shade (light ish but on the warm tone end of the spectrum). This one is also perfect for travelling because it’s just so cute and mini!

Now, I gotta say, I am not overly fussy on mascara. I just want something that isn’t going to transfer onto my brow bone and under eyes after two hours post application (giraffe eyelashes ain’t always a good thing).

Scuba doesn’t transfer, it’s also water resistant but is still easy to remove (tick, tick) AND it has a skinny little wand so it reaches each and every lash which is something I really do value in a good mascara!

So yeah, this has been the one I’ve been using every day without fail during the last two weeks and I’m absolutely loving it, big thumbs up from me.

So there ya go guys, three products I am genuinely loving at the moment, especially the palette! YOU NEED THE PALETTE!

P.s you can purchase authentic theBalm® Cosmetics exclusively from ya nearest Life and Unichem Pharmacies in New Zealand!

Happy beauty purchasing!

Ash xx