Hello beautiful people and merry Fashion Week! 

For as long as I can remember, I have lusted over the glossy pics that are spat out each year from fashion month (New York, London, Milan & Paris Fashion Week). The long term fascination with this particularly creative and rather, shall I say, ‘intimidating’ industry has been embedded into my list of worldly interests since about age 14.

I would live for all of the fresh street style and runway shots that the international bloggers and my fave fashionable influencers (alas, the Olivia Palermo obsession) would post, to see which A-listers were sitting next to who in the front row of which shows and of course, to wait for all of the trends to churn out into the retail world for little ol’ me to soak up whatever strange trend that was ‘so IN right now’. I am the first to admit that I am a slave to consumerism.

There was one thing in particular however that for some reason intrigued me more than anything else, I just took SUCH an interest in what was in bloggers/models/celebs bags throughout fashion week! Is it because I’m nosey? Probably. Is it because I need to get a life? Most definitely.

Let’s be honest though, we’re all nosey, so I thought it would be fun to show you guys exactly what I’m keeping on me in my Witchery Kiara Work Bag this week so I can actually survive the 18 shows I’ll be attending (PRAY FOR ME!).



Vlogging Camera – Hi, hello, yes, it’s me! Not clogging up your Insta Story feed (as much) and converting all of the blabbering into Vlog mode. Subscribe to my Youtube channel my loves!

DSLR – Bulky and heavy, but so incredibly necessary. My Canon 70 D and Canon 50 mm lens will be on me at all times to shoot myself, runway aaaand everything else in between!

Fuji Film Instax SQUARE SQ10 – Instax pics at Fashion Week? Iconic.

Portable charger – Because otherwise I would probably die.


Roller fragrance – Nobodies got time to lug around a full bottle of perfume to a 10 hour day of back to back shows, my mum brought me back a little Kate Spade roller perfume to make life a little bit easier for me!

Lip Liner – I want the pout without the injections, thank yooooou. My favourite liner that is the perfect nude colour to help my lips look a little bit fuller is the Elizabeth Arden Plump Up Lip Liner in ‘Nude’ (Launching at Elizabeth Arden counters 4th September)

A nude lippy for every day, my current fave is this Living Nature lipstick in the shade ‘Precious’

A red lippy to jazz things up a bit for the evening shows! I will never wear anything but MAC ‘Russian Red’

Facial Spray – Lord knows my make up is needing a refreshment after at least 4 hours post application, I think I’d die if I didn’t have my Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist!


WATER! NZFW = Exhaustion = Need. Water.

Gum – Networking is everything at NZFW, the last thing I’d want is to have bad breath after eating all of the naughty snacks found in a goodie bag!

Energy Balls – Because being hungry and tired is a horrendous combination.


Flat Shoes! I’m wearing pumps on day one so I’m expecting some hella sore feet. (My go-to ‘cool girl’ sneaker right now is the Converse One Star, I have them in Egred Suede and Black Perf Leather, SO comfy!)

Wallet – Lunch money!

Show tickets – Let me in!!!

Notebook – To keep new contacts, reminders and blog post ideas

Sunglasses – I just do not go aaaanywhere without my Ellery sunnies (I need these sunnies to actually feel cool enough to be here, lol)

Umbrella – August in Auckland. Enough said.




I gotta admit, I’m pretty damn excited to attend all of the beautiful shows that I am so grateful to be attending. Fingers crossed all of these necessities will get me through the most exhausting week of the year!

I’ll be back soon with a roundup of the week, chat to you soon!

Ash xx


P.s My GORGEOUS cushions are from the very talented babe Melissa Lovelock who gets her floral paintings printed onto totes & cushions, go and check her website out here

My personal bag tag is from The Daily Edited kindly gifted to me by my Nespresso PR fam <3