“She’s fake”

“She’s only posting about it because she’s been paid”

“She comes across really lovely on Instagram but she’s actually a total bitch”

“She’s only lovely in her Youtube videos but in real life she’s horrible”

Holy shit. The amount of crap like this I have been hearing through the grape vine in the past month as been absolutely outrageous. I guess part of it comes with the tall poppy syndrome epidemic (I’ve written about this here) that we seem to have in little ol’ NZ, but I think another aspect of it is the fact that there are now so many misconceptions about bloggers and influencers, well, the ones who are actually genuine and authentic.

In some rare cases, I can appreciate that sometimes this can be true, and scarily enough it has become apparent that a lot of people are wanting to become bloggers and influencers for all of the wrong reasons such as product gifting, which by the way, will not work as a long-term incentive .

The influencers and bloggers who you all know and love started out because they loved what they were doing. I started out because I loved talking and writing, especially when it comes to interesting topics (like this one!) or fashion and beauty. Instagram was always my creative outlet right from when the app first popped up and I’ve always loved photography, so the whole blogging/instagramming thing was basically my dream hobby. Not to mention I found my degree to be super boring so I needed something else to bring a little bit more colour to my life!

My authenticity is something that sits up at the verrrry top of my ‘very important’ values list, not only as a blogger, but in every other aspect of my life too. I have always been one of those girls who has always been themselves, right from when I was little, through to primary school, college and even now I am every day embracing who I am, the quirks and all!

Even at the ages of 13-18 where naturally, you become a lot more aware of who you are in order to be ‘cool’, I always remained as the strange one in my group of friends, the one who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, the one who did what she enjoyed and didn’t give a shit about who had an opinion about it. I think I’ve definitely got my parents to thank for that attitude!

I just think it is SO important to be authentic in every way possible.

In every blog post and Instagram post or story, even if it’s a little bit ‘cool girl’ or ‘posy’, I can assure you guys that I have 11o% poured my own personal juices of creativity and personality into it. I will NEVER give a positive review about a product that I don’t whole heartedly love or commit to a sponsored post that involves a product or campaign that I am not 100% into.

As the world of social media grows, this idea of remaining authentic whether you are an influencer or just using IG for creative/social/business purposes has evolved just as quickly. Sticking to your roots and being yourself will take you so much further in life and allow you to be the happiest version of yourself that you could possibly be, it will also help you make good decisions when it comes to relationships and dating, choosing career paths and just all-round good decision making that is going to benefit you in both the short and long term!

So if you ever catch yourself trying to be someone or something that you’re not – check yourself and wind yourself back to your roots. You are amazing and you don’t need to change a single thing! Just do you babe.

Ash xx