During our nine day roadie down in the South Island, we spent most nights sleeping in our van and endured two full on days on the mountain which seriously took a toll on our bodies, so we thought, why not book ourselves into a day spa for the afternoon and add on a cheeky couples massage?

We wanted to do something a little bit different to the ever so cliche QT experience at Onsen, so opted for another incredible spot alongside the Shotover River – The Spa at Nugget Point.

It was DIVINE.

And I really do mean that, the interiors are luxurious and the spa is so tranquil to the point where you almost go into this crazy, relaxed trance that you never want to get out of.

We started off with a private aromatherapy bath (complete with petals! Liam wasn’t as excited as I was, lol) infused with relaxing bath oils that looked over the beautiful Shotover River – we thought that nothing could be more relaxing than this.. until we started our massage.

It was my first ever 60 minute massage and holy moly, I cannot even tell you just HOW divine it was. The lovely masseuse (the staff are absolutely brilliant here) talked us through the areas in which we needed extra help on and really provided us with a 10/10 experience. We felt so well looked after!

Following the massage, we had time to relax in the pool area to indulge in the fab jacuzzi, sauna, salt water pool and rain forest showers which we most definitely made the most of!

Our couple of hours spent here absolutely saved us from the tough living aspect of our trip and we have recommended it to all of our friends that are heading to Queenstown in the next couple of months!

You can check the Spa out over on their website and on their Instagram @thespanuggetpoint