Firstly, can we talk about the fact that we finally have a Mecca Maxima store in Auckland?

The beauty junkie inside of me is the happiest girl in the world, the fact that I can whip down to the store during a uni break and spend ALL of the (very) limited money I have budgeted for myself for the week just brings me sooooo much joy! (I will starve myself if it means I can get my hands on the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder!!!).

Not only can we celebrate the new store opening, we can also finally get our hands on the brand new Mecca Maxima in-house brand – MECCA MAX!

I actually can’t even tell you how obsessed I am.

Affordable, high quality and quite possibly the sexiest packaging I’ve seen in the makeup world in quite a while, the new range pretty much covers everything you need in your makeup bag, and more. The range is bloody huge, so I thought I would narrow down some of the products that I have been luckily enough to try out and let you guys know which ones you need to get your hands on!

Pout Pop Lipstick – Shade ‘Freedom Fighter’

Two words: intense pigmentation. Something that can be difficult to come by in the affordable makeup world and luckily enough, these Pout Pop lippies come in about one hundred zillion shades – HOLD ME BACK.

I like my lipsticks to be creamy, pigmented and long lasting so this one got me incredibly excited. BRB while I go and purchase every single shade! (p.s.. they’re only $22!)

Bring On Bright Illuminating Primer 

Personally, I’ve always been afraid of illuminating glowwy primers. It’s only recently that my skin has turned combination and is definitely weighing on the dry end of the scale this winter, however due to my teenage excessive oily skin years, I wouldn’t normally dare go near a product like this – I was all about getting rid of the shine and going as matte as possible, which is hilarious because today I couldn’t think of anything worse!

This one has just the right amount of glow, it’s not too over the top but it definitely adds a gorgeous brightening effect to your base which, lets be real, EVERYONE is after right now. For $22 how could you even resist! It also smells delish, just like a Mecca store. Tick!

Eyephoria Vivid Impact Palette 

You guys know what I mean when I say buttery shadows? Right?

IT’S JUST SO BUTTERY. Not everyone will be into the plum tones, but for winter, I’m all about it. The first half of the palette are neutral tones anyway which is ah-mazing, so it could be a fab palette if you’re very much into your neutrals but want to explore some coloured shades that will jazz up your eye look for a sexy, smoky night out vibe. It’s also super cute and mini so perfect for travelling!

Eye Max Power Couple Mascara 

When the mascara gods decided they wanted to make your life ten times easier, and your lashes twenties times more impressive. Oh and who has time to purchase a seperate mascara for their top and bottom lashes? I certainly don’t, so this one is definitely a keeper.

For lengthening, curling and separating, this one is the one. Think ‘butterfly’ lashes, very day time appropriate. This is my new go-to if I want my lashes to really open up my eyes and you’d be verrrry surprised by just how much a bottom lash mascara helps out with this!

Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder – Shade Medium

Think Nars Laguna, but like, actually affordable. I know that this bronzer has been a favourite for a whole lot of Aus and NZ beauty bloggers and there’s definitely a reason why! It’s a honey brown shade, so not too orangey and not too red toned (important) and it blends like a dream (extra important).

I’m an absolute bronzer FIEND and am equally super duper fussy. I’ve given it the tick of approval and for $24.00, this one is perfect to act as your new go-to every day bronzer that you won’t be too upset about hitting pan on – just purchase another one!

City Slickers Tinted Oil

When I really CBF committing to lipstick but lip balm is still a little too boring, I have been reaching for this.

It’s simply a tinted oil so it is extra moisturising using Jojoba, Shea Butter & Argan oil (dream team) but also has just the right amount of colour that’s going to make you feel a little bit more put together!

Skin Halo Diamond Dust – Shade Rose Gold 

Right now I’m slightly too pale to be using this as a highlighter, BUT I have been loving it as a bronzer topper for nights out! When I’m out on a weekend night and creating a makeup look that is a bit more jazzy, I love my bronzer to be just as glowwy as my highlighter. This has been absolutely perfect to lightly dust over my bronzer for an added glow factor and I’ll definitely be using it as more of a highlighter come the summer months!

I’ve also got my eye on the Wink Weapon Mini Palette in the shade Embellished (look at it, it speaks for itself) and the Life Proof Longwear Foundation which all of the Mecca girls in store were absolutely raving about. I’ll try and get my hands on these as well and let you guys know what I think!

You can shop the entire Mecca Max collection online as well as in the brand new Mecca Maxima store on Queen Street! I’d love to hear which Mecca Max products you guys are loving, let me know so I can also add them to my wishlist.

Ash xx