Months of dry lips and frightening temperatures to jump out of bed into each morning (the worst part!), yet it’s still my favourite time of the year for a number of reasons – trips to the mountain, boyfriend cuddles without getting too hot (let’s be real) and two words that get me really bloody excited on an annual basis:


Rather than a huge focus on trends this year, I have been lured into an obsession with neutrals. As you can see, the outfit I’ve put together in this collection of pics (can I quickly just add – how INCRED is my photographer Sophie! Go and give her a follow on Insta here) involves a neutral colour palette showcasing lighter shades of grey, camel and white.

I’ve been trying to steer clear of black this year because, well, I just get bored of it to say the least! To me these lighter neutrals bring a much cosier, warmer and chic vibe to the classic winter ensemble and revives it in a way that black can never compete with.

If we’re going to discuss trends, I need to at least touch on ribbed knitwear. I’m freaking obsessed!!!!! I just think the ribbing adds such a classy, yet trendy element to knitwear and creates a textured look that allows the piece to look a bit more exciting, even though this knit is still such a simple style.

If someone had told me I’d be into ankle gumboots two years ago I would have probably laughed in their face. However, the practicality of them just makes SO much sense! These are all I’m going to be wearing in a couple of weeks time when my boyfriend and I head down to the South Island for a week long roadie – super cute yet so perfect for jumping in muddy puddles!

Not to mention the alternative take on turtle necks! I love love looooove how this Country Road piece doesn’t fold over tightly around the neck like a traditional turtle neck, it hangs loosely around to give a more relaxed look. Très chic!

Finally, let’s discuss this box jacket. Conveniently thick fabric to keep me happily warm and crafted beautifully to layer over knitwear. This one is definitely a wardrobe staple and will never go out of style – I love pieces that are so classic and that I know I’ll be able to wear in a couple of years time! Grey goes with pretty much everything AND it’s lined with camel coloured buttons for a lovely colour contrast. Oh.. and how cool is the neck line! I love poppin’ the collar on this bad boy!



Jewellery: The Gold Lane 

Knitwear: Horizantal Rib Knit

Jacket: Only available in store Country Road

Jeans: Only available in store

Boots: Harper Gumboot in Pavement