Meet my little secret weapon.

You know that beauty product that is just so simple yet absolutely fabulous, can be used in about a million different ways and sits at a price point that you’re incredibly comfortable with due to the fact that you’re a student on a budget? Everyone seems to have one, mine just so happens to be this little blue gem by NIVEA!

It’s a moisturiser, but not juuuuust a moisturiser. Know what I mean? It’s pretty much a beauty essential in more ways than one, perfect for when you’re going away for the weekend or if you’re like me and can’t be bothered with five hundred products laying around that all target different beauty needs.

SO! The NIVEA Creme is a pretty fab face moisturiser (better as a night cream in my opinion! It can be applied lightly or heavier depending) and is incredibly soft, safe for sensitive skin and doesn’t clog pores, I promise!


It can also be used as a makeup remover! Think towards the likes of a cleansing milk. By massaging the creme into your skin at the end of the day and adding water, it removes both face and eye makeup seamlessly. Honestly this stuff has saved me so many times after running out of face wash! As a cleanser the product is super hydrating, just what we need for the middle of winter.

Let’s continue with the hydration theme shall we: the NIVEA Creme uses lanolin, glycerin and eucerit which are all special moisturising ingredients that are mild, so won’t cause any irritation or cause any breakouts. This makes NIVEA crème the perfect hand cream! 

It’s not always common for a moisturising product to be suitable for both your face and your body, BUT my little multitasker is an exception. I use NIVEA Creme as a body moisturiser but more specifically as an after shave cream. I quite often have issues with shaving rash and ingrown hairs after I shave my legs but NIVEA Creme has been helping to relieve the irritation and stop those horrid shaving bumps appear! Due to the soothing ingredient panthenol, not only has it helped relieve my shaving rash BUT it has also helped to relieve my awful neck eczema that has been flaring up occasionally during the past couple of months – I told you this was a wonder product!

A final use for my fab little multitasker is to use it as a lip treatment! After a nourishing beauty pamper night, I love to slap a whole heap on my lips and let it to sink in overnight for when I wake up the next morning with beautifully moisturised and hydrated lips – winter winning!

The NIVEA Creme truly is a wonder product and is one of those secret skin weapons that everyone needs to whip out at different times of the year for different reasons. Best be told I go through millions of these tins!


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Ash xx

  • Mamaof4

    I have to say Ash thanks so much for your nivea creme blog! It has been a frustrating ride for my 4 year old daughter who struggles with eczema, I saw you on stuff (at 1am after settling her from being uncomfortable and scratching so much) and thought I’d read to get back to sleep. It bought back memories of when I used to use nivea creme alot when I was in high school. We’ve tried so many moisturisers on her skin and she would just scream and refuse to use anything until I went out and bought a tin of this amazing product and let her help apply it all over her skin. She likes applying “make up” on her face and it doesnt irritate or feed it, infact I can’t remember the last time her skin felt so soft. It has been a week since I read you blog and I’m thankful and grateful that I did as I couldnt count how many times shes had to take antibiotics this year. Thank you soooo much Ash,

    Kinds regards
    A mother who is so thankful for you x

    • ashowensblog

      Hi beautiful mumma! WOW that is absolutely incredible. I have heard that a lot of mummies rely on this product as their go-to for their little ones skin issues which is amazing! I’m SO glad that this has helped, I’m sure it’s taken away a huge stress. This is the exact reason I do product reviews so you’re so welcome xxx