Something really important occurred to me while I was at Coachella back in April.

I was absolutely astounded throughout the three days where gorgeous American girls would literally walk up to us just to give us compliments about our looks and our outfits. Is it just me or does that hardly ever happen at music festivals in New Zealand? The American girls can so happily compliment another girl while still feeling secure and happy within themselves which I think is something that women in our country seriously struggle with for some reason. It sucks!!! So I reckon we need to make a change.

Comparing ourselves to others. We ALL do it. Every single one of us has done it at least once in our lives, even subconsciously.

It’s complete and utter bullshit because each and every one of you is absolutely amazing and brings a sense of magic to the world one way or another!

When the world is so big and so consistently fuelled by social media, it’s natural to have insecurities. More times than I can count I have compared my looks, my personality, my blog and insta content, my creative skills, my grades, my work ethic to others and it has only been until recently that I have started to actively put a stop to it.

You know what though? It’s really bloody hard to put a stop to it.

In the past I have found myself getting upset over nothing purely because I was thinking way too hard about something in my life, expecting it to be perfect when in reality nothing in life is truely perfect. If life was perfect, it’d just be boring AF.

It’s all about how we accept and learn to love our flaws, how you can learn to understand that there is nobody else on the planet quite like you and that nobody in this world is completely perfect. Our quirks make us who we are and over the past couple of years I have realised it’s actually a lot more fun to be who you are, do what you want to do, hang out with who you wanna hang out and essentially just DO YOU. It’s so important in order to be happy!

If you’re the type of person who lets jealousy creep in every once and a while, start making a conscious effort to put a block up against it. If there’s something that you want in your life that someone else already has, work your ass off to get it! Life doesn’t owe anybody anything, but there’s no point in feeling bitter or jealous about someone else’s success because 9 times out of 10 they worked their ass off to get it. Eliminating jealousy in any shape or form from your life is absolutely liberating, you’d be amazed about how much happier you are without that ugly old emotion creeping in to steal away your calm and happiness.

It’s SO important to focus on YOU and what you can control.

It’s ALSO just as important to praise and appreciate the people around you who are doing amazing things and who are working hard to create their own version of success. Ever heard the saying “Successful people support successful people”? I honestly do believe that there is enough room for absolutely everyone to succeed and do well in every area and aspect of life, so support the people around you and they will support you too.

So support your local girl gang, get excited when you see other people doing cool shit and let’s try and make our society a funner, friendlier and even more creative place!


Ash xx