I’ve relied on my parents’ Nespresso machine to get me out of bed every morning for the past two years, waking me up with that invigorating coffee aroma. My favourite is the Arpeggio Grand Cru (yeah, I’m fancy) and will find any excuse to pop another one into my machine for a third or even fourth coffee of the day (the blogger/uni juggle struggle is far too real!).

Due to my millennial existence and current stage of life (yes, I still live at home but am very much looking forward to moving out ASAP!), I am in the market for my very own Nespresso machine. Surprise, surprise, Mum and Dad will be keeping theirs!

Now, being 21, I don’t expect my next home will be overly spacious (the best flat I can afford in Auckland is basically the equivalent of a shoe box…). I’m happy to forgo insulation, space and Mum’s cooking for a place of my own but I’m not prepared to compromise on quality and style, especially when it comes to coffee.

Here is where Nespresso swoops in and saves the day: introducing, the Essenza Mini! 


It’s the smallest machine that Nespresso has ever created at just over 20cm tall, which is actually beyond perfect considering I’m only 5”2! Ha! 


Well, look at it?! It’s literally so super cute and mini, and the best part? Its price is very millennial friendly. Big thumbs up from me!

Oh, and don’t be fooled. Aside from the convenient size, style and price, the Essenza Mini creates the same, unique coffee experience as its fellow Nespresso machines. Yep, it’s only small but it uses the exact same extraction technology, so you can count on this little beauty to deliver your perfect coffee moment straight from the capsule (that is made of infinitely-recyclable aluminium, btw), to your cup.


While I’m on the topic of cups, I must touch on these Nespresso Pixie cups! If you’re a long black fan like I am, they’re the perfect size for your morning espresso. They’re also made of stainless steel and protect your hands from the heat, no matter how hot the coffee is!



So, it’s official: less is more and you can now enjoy your morning Nespresso moment from a compact, simple and super good looking machine. 

Check out @Nespresso on Instagram & Facebook or head to to find out how you can take one home – and while you’re there, you can learn about Nespresso’s incredible sustainability and recycling programmes, too!

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