Firstly, I’m going to start celebrating by posting my first ever no make up selfie!

I have been fighting a battle against my skin ever since I started puberty.

My acne and scarring has always been my biggest insecurity. It’s been nine years of hoping that it would clear up with age, avoiding certain social situations because I was too embarrassed of my own face and waking up every single morning with a struggle to even look at myself in the mirror until I put my make up on.

Last year, my acne decided to act up the worst it has in my entire life. Considering I had hit 20 years old, I was pretty damn confused and beyond upset next to all my friends who’s teen acne days were long gone.

I tried microdermabrasion treatments at Caci Clinic (which only made matters worse, by the way), every single skincare regime and product under the sun from high end and pharmaceutical brands, I tried cutting down on sugar, I removed my make up impeccably every single night and always cleansed my skin in the mornings, I researched about all of the ingredients in my make up and skincare to see if anything in particular was breaking me out (I used to think it was silicone and dimethicone which are both used in most beauty products!), BUT nothing EVER worked!

I genuinely think I could buy a yacht if I earned a dollar every time I had a meltdown over my skin, my mum would be a billionaire if she earned a dollar every time I complained to her about “how unfair it is”.

The revelation came about when I stayed with my cousin in London about a week into my October Europe trip.

Georgia is a humble vegan who educated me about what really goes into dairy products and how they aren’t as innocent as we think they are. Now I know after reading that the majority of you are going to turn your nose up and laugh away, but I’m really only speaking for the people who are actually affected by the dishonesty of dairy products: the unlucky ones with lactose intolerance… me!

I have always had issues with processing dairy right from when I was a baby, but due to my love of cheese (pizza!!!) and cows milk in my coffee, I chose to ignore it and (sorry if this is too much info) go to the toilet as a punishment.

During a conversation with Georgia about how A) upset I was about my skin and B) how I always feel ridiculously sick after eating too much cheese and ice cream, she became the one who has now changed my life forever.

“Have you ever thought that your breakouts are caused by your dairy intolerance? I bet you the cause is internal!”

At first, I didn’t believe her.. or I didn’t want to. The idea of going dairy free was never an option or something I could ever see myself doing.

However, something clicked and It made sense. If your body and your digestive system doesn’t like something, and you still continue to eat it every single day for years on end, it’s going to show in your skin. You know how when you drink a tonne of water on a daily basis and you can physically see your skin glow? Same thing!

Human skin is the biggest organ that we have and just like how it looks like crap when we are dehydrated or haven’t been eating enough greens, it looks like crap when we’ve been putting something into our bodies that it doesn’t like.

Before the trip, I was having yogurt every morning for breakfast, two coffees a day with milk, cheese one way or another in every single lunch/dinner and chocolate every night for desert (sweet tooth problems). As I reflected on these eating habits it really, truly made sense to me why nothing else has ever worked. It had to be my large amount of dairy consumption especially considering that it always made me feel sick and bloated.

So I jumped on the good ol’ interweb and researched for hours and hours and hours about people who are lactose intolerant and how quitting dairy changed their lives in terms of their skin. I thought that I had nothing to lose and only potential amazing skin to gain and that having clear skin was a million billion times better than enjoying my weekly margherita pizza.

Fast forward a month and a half and (if there’s any excuse to swear on my blog, here it is) hooooly FUCK MY SKIN IS CLEAR!

I have some scars that are yet to fade however I NOW wake up every morning, look into the mirror and feel beautiful, confident and grateful to have finally figured out what was causing my skin so much grief.

If you’re having issues with your skin and nothing seems to be working, I really encourage you to give it a go, even by just cutting down on your dairy intake and seeing what happens!

If you don’t believe me, here are a couple of links to articles that got me convinced:

I would love to hear if going dairy free has helped you out with your skin and of course if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Ash xx