The art of living a life well travelled is something that I sincerely eat, sleep and breathe.

I’m always planning my next trip whether it’s an hour out of the city, a flight to Wellington, a couple of weeks in LA or months at a time in Europe. I’m obsessed. I am always consciously putting money towards flights, I’m constantly updating my ‘travel’ Pinterest board with stunning travel photography of various cities and countries that are either on my travel to do list or that have I have already visited and love to reminisce over time and time again. The travel bug is no joke.

Two years ago I travelled to the UK & Europe for three months at 18 years old and fell in love with being so incomprehensibly far away from home, from comfort, from safety.

For two years I have thought about my three months overseas every single day without fail and I swear to god, every day that I spend home in Auckland causes my heart that is so profoundly full of wanderlust, to break just a little bit. My brain that is so obsessed with experiencing foreign cities, bizarre languages and that is so infatuated with world history, to crave adventure, to seek the unknown, to endure the high’s and low’s that is long term travel in very far away places.

For some this all may sound silly, but I am a born explorer (A Sagittarius through and through) and I never ever want to stay in the same place. I get emotional thinking about the next month ahead of me where I will be revisiting pieces of my heart that were left in cities I’ve already lusted upon in person, and meeting new ones that no doubt will blind side me with their unique charm and force themselves to become ‘my new favourite place in the entire world’ (you can only imagine how many times I have said that!)

Any how, I’ll stop with the emotions and get on with packing up my suitcase. City guides, travel photography and something else very exciting and visual is on the way 😉

Au Revoir and I will be back soon kicking things off Dutch style in Amsterdam!


Ash x