8 Simple Tips For Saving Your Money Honey

Confession #1: I’m a materialistic consumer who loves to spend embarrassing amounts of money on things that don’t really matter that much (say’s the fashion & beauty blogger.. go figure).

I’m a spender, there’s no denying it and it’s a trait that can often get me into some seeeeerious financial trouble. I’m one of those people who just need that new pair of boots to make my day a little bit more exciting and I am definitely someone who’s an absolute sucker for a good sale.


I’m a 20 year old student who can’t afford to ignore the fact that I’m about to be slapped in the face with a student loan ready to be paid off in about a years time and can sometimes barely afford to pay for my parking even though I still live at home.

After the last couple of years I have spent as either a gappy saving up to travel or a student, I have picked up on some little tips that can really help to save your money in a way that is a bit more subtle and a lot less “I can’t have that or do that because I’m poor!”. Not to mention the fact that keeping a savings account is super satisfying to maintain and watch grow into a hearty number with more than three digits!

Even if you implement a couple of these tips into your lifestyle, you can be sure to accumulate a nice little savings that you can put towards something more important or exciting later on.

  • I hate to discuss the obvious but creating a weekly budget really does help. Write a list of your incomings and outgoings that reoccur each week and make sure that you stick to it! Anything left over should be saved or put towards any one off important payments.
  • After you have been monitoring a weekly budget for a little while and saving what’s left over, you can potentially start to make some planned expenses. For example, if you have had your eye on an item of clothing or something else for a while, you can plan to make the purchase when you’re in the financial position (when you’ve accumulated enough savings to cover the item aswell as having some still left over)
  • Practice the art of rational spending do you really need that makeup brush? (a question I ask myself far too often) can this expense wait until you can afford to purchase it without making a dent in your bank account? The answer is no. You really don’t need it. Wack yourself on the hand that is holding your Visa Debit and move on.
  • The ever so popular act of pre drinking, or even better, learn to love wine! Lucky for me, wine is my favourite alcoholic beverage and enters my household each week after the food shop has been completed (thanks Mum, i’ll take 1 of those 6 bottles!). Even if your mum isn’t paying for it, you can get a good bottle for $8 from the supermarket which will definitely keep you covered for the night ahead, especially if you’re as tiny as I am. Otherwise, stick to a focus on pre drinking rather than a bar bought beverage – $14 for a Vodka Redbull or a glass of Pinot Gris is enough to upset anyone..
  • If you’re a lover of editorial reading, forget about magazines and get into blogs! There is nothing that a good fashion/beauty/travel/lifestyle blog can’t do that a magazine can. As long as you’re willing to give up the luxury of flicking through that fresh print! You’re also saving a good $12 – $15!
  • Drink your morning coffee at home! I can almost guarantee you that investing in an Espresso machine is going to save you a lot more money in the long run than buying a $5.50 coffee twice a day. Even go old school and learn to love instant, $5-$10 a day on coffee is a horrendous way to waste your $$$$!
  • Want to do something fun with your friends while also trying to save? Get amongst a free activity! Walk up a mountain, road trip up north or out west, wander around the winter gardens or the museum, explore the Auckland Art gallery, even do something that is a little bit more cost effective such as a $10 Tuesday night movie or a $10 silly game of bowling (my fave!)
  • Say no to eating out. I know.. it’s painful… at least limit it to once or twice a month! That’s a good start.

Hopefully at least one of these can help inspire you to start saving your pennies because honestly, in the long run you will live such a happier, less stressful and far more organised life.

Happy saving!

Ash xx