Heading Into Spring With Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Well, here we are!

Today is officially the last day of Winter and it’s finally time to turn the page over and enjoy some well deserved sunshine, daylight saving and of course, a switch up in the make up bag.

Lipstick is a great place to start when switching up makeup tones for a new season and with Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks, it’s pretty easy when there is such a gorgeous range of colours available to choose from.

Anywaaaaay.. first and foremost, I need to just quickly express my absolute adoration for this lipstick line.

I am SO incredibly fussy when it comes to lip products, and I am SO incredibly obsessed with both these three colours and (most importantly in my books) the formula.

THE FORMULA! Take it from a girl who has never ending issues with dry lips.. it’s a grade A+. I have to steer clear from most matte lippys and even some satin finishes can be a little drying for me, but these lippys are absolutely insane!!!! (I promise I would never make a big deal like this if I didn’t truly think it!).

They’re hydrating, yet creamy, yet pigmented, yet long lasting… everything that I could ever hope for in a lipstick formula. For me, it seems to be impossible to find one that ticks all of those boxes but Karen Murrell has totally swept me off my feet – not to mention that shade range.

The magic is made by using candelilla, jojoba oil, avocado, carnauba, calendula, sweet orange, evening primrose, castor oil and perhaps the most obvious ingredient, cinnamon – they smell beautifully like a cinnamon donut and certainly get extra ticks from me!

They’re also made WITHOUT horrible nasties that often occur in beauty products such as coal tar, mineral oil, BBP’s, parabens, triclosan and carmine. It’s always fab to know exactly what is in and what isn’t in your beauty products!

My three favourite picks of Spring are Carnation Mist, Orchid Bloom and Coral Dawn.


Coral Dawn

I’ve always been an orangey kind of lippy girl rather than wearing a straight up red. Orange just brightens up the features of my face so much more and Coral Dawn is such a gorgeous shade that could be worn dabbed onto the lip in a more subtle way, or applied with a couple of coats for that head turning look! P.s – a great dupe for MAC’s Morange (personally I prefer this one due to the formula!). I instantly felt powerful after applying this shade and it really is the ultimate go to for a Spring/Summer night out.



Orchid Bloom 

Nude perfection. Easily one of my favourite nude shades that I’ve come across so far and due to the wonderfully moisturising properties of the formula, this shade has now become my go-to every day lip colour! The perfect combination of pink and brown, Orchid Bloom is definitely the ultimate go-to nude.



Carnation Mist 

Doesn’t she just scream the word ‘Spring’! Carnation Mist is such a beautiful, feminine shade that reminds me of fresh Spring flowers and when worn, really brings the inner girlie girl out of me. Lovely for an every day lip colour because it’s not too intense and still has those nude tones for a pinky lippy, however still shines through as a staple pink lippy in your lipstick collection. Again, PERFECT for spring!




The lovely girls at Karen Murrell have kindly given me a discount code for you guys to use on any purchase!

Use the code ‘ASHOWENS20%’ at the check out for 20% off your order. It’s only available until Saturday the 4th of September so be sure to make the most of it!

You can order online at:

Again, cheers to the end of Winter and hello to the prettiest season of them all, Spring 🙂


Ash xx