Woman to Woman Empowerment

Upon flicking through Miranda Kerr’s Empower Yourself a couple of nights ago, I have been thinking really hard about a particular topic that I believe is not spoken about nearly enough.

I’m 20 years old, it’s 2016 and only recently have we started to acknowledge the fact that ‘girl squads’ exist. Is it just me who thinks this is kind of outrageous????

The fact that Taylor Swift and her best friends are discussed so much purely because they are a large group of girlfriends who love and support each other so openly is just completely and utterly baffling to me. They are literally spoken about so much because they are a group of friends.

Yes the world has started to acknowledge feminism, yes the world is full of incredibly ambitious and successful ladies who bring plenty of confidence and sass to the table, BUT is there enough of these successful females supporting each other in their gender group? I don’t believe there is.

It could be a combination of tall poppy syndrome that perhaps affects both men and woman, or the fact that women are just naturally more catty and bitchy (controversial, I know) but from what I have been exposed to during the last 20 years as a female in this big bad world, I don’t think that there is enough woman out there that are consciously empowering their fellow women.

I’ve seen it in the work place, high school, university, in my own friend group, from an outsider looking into other friend groups.. I know that it’s everywhere but I just don’t understand why!?

We are naturally the weaker gender. We are built smaller, quieter, with less strength than the average male does (again, controversial), so why do so many of us try to bring each other down instead of bringing each other up? There is too much “Oh my god.. she is getting engaged at 21????” and not enough of “It’s so wonderful that she has found love at such an early age!”.

Now I can never sit here and tell you that I’ve never spoken badly about someone from a jealous perspective or talked crap about someone for purely no reason, because I absolutely have. The key here is to acknowledge your attitude and your opinions, change your mindset and to admit to yourself that you’re never going to reach your full potential as a young woman unless you start to support all of the ladies which in turn will help us all to empower each other as a gender overall.

Once you can do that, you’ve already made your mark on the world as an empowered, successful and amazing woman, no matter how experienced in life you are.

Food for thought.


Ash x