A Fragrance Affair

Three words: Sexiest. Fragrance. Ever.

I’m talking throw on your raunchiest dress, step into your highest heels, spritz on some of Black Opium and walk outside to be chased down the road by a stampede of men.

Okay I’m kidding but seriously, this fragrance is an absolute maneater.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent has quickly become a favourite in the blogger/youtuber world since its release in 2014, and theres a bloody good reason why. With top notes of pink pepper & orange blossom, heart notes of jasmine & coffee and base notes of vanilla, cedarwood & patchouli, Black Opium is a seductive but playful fragrance that is perfect for your next date night.

I remember the exact moment I stood in Smith & Caughey’s and sprayed the perfume onto a sample paper stick. Being a daily fragrance wearer since the early age of eight, I fell head over heels instantly. I had been looking to upgrade from my Chanel Mademoiselle for a while to a more Autumn/Winter night time appropriate fragrance that was a little less girly and a little more suited for the modern 20 year old young woman.

It’s safe to say that I’ve now found ‘the one’.

Ladies, you need it.

That is all.


Ash x