The January Playlist

MUSIC! How would one live a harmonious life without it?

I need it around me as much as possible – whether it’s to help me chill out, to add a bit of spice to my good mood, to reassure me of my feelings when I’m down in the dumps or just to have a little background music to hum along to.

One of my favourite things ever is to discover new music. My Spotify app supports this big time, allowing me to have easy access to new music discoveries and to create an unnecessary amount of playlists to cater for different occasions and situations – easily one of my favourite technological discoveries of all time!

Being a huge fan of new music discoveries, I thought it would be a fab idea to create a monthly playlist post listing all of my favourite songs/artists that I have been jamming out to during each month in order to spread the musical discovery love.


Never Be Like You – Flume, Kai

Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge (If you’ve seen AHS: Hotel, you’ll understand me here)


Under The Sun – Diiv

Heartburn – Wafia

I Am Chemistry – Yeasayer

Big Lie – D.I.D

Shiver – Lucy Rose

Gold – Kiiara

Drive – Halsey

Middle – DJ Snake, Bipolar Sunshine

The Trouble With Us – Marcus Marr, Chet Faker

Fossa – Daughter

Fading Through – Wafia

Gone Are The Days – HONNE

Smoke & Retribution – Flume, Vince Staples, KUCKA

Hurt Me – Lapsley

I Forget Where We Were – Ben Howard


Ash x